Another really short post.  It’s 11.15pm and I have just returned from a performance of Rigoletto here in Wellington.

I am speechless and so following a tour backstage after the performance I offer you the most famous aria from Verdi’s masterpiece.  Here it is sung by The Three Tenors – Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.  Enjoy…

In the NZ Opera performance Rafael Rojas played the part of the Duke of Mantua.  More on this production tomorrow.

And  I am closing off now and having an early night with a new library book, cup of tea and my trusty companion Lotte, what more could a woman ask for?

Lotte in bed

It’s been such a long day and now it’s time for bed!

10 responses to “Rigoletto

  1. What a lovely evening Judith and the perfect end to the day with tea, book and friend! At 11:15 pm you called it an early night. What time is a normal night? I shut off the TV / radio by 10 and read until 11 or so. This is the window for a perfect night’s sleep for me. My sister and I tease each other the odd time we actually go out and do something at a later time saying that ‘tonight we are like big people staying up late.’ Hope you have a wonderful sleep!


  2. Thanks Chris. I usually read or watch TV in bed until about midnight and then sleep the sleep of the blessed for seven uninterrupted hours. 🙂


  3. I loved this! What joyful, thunderous applause. The three tenors are clearly enjoying themselves. I hope you don’t mind if I tell you this reminds me of my dad singing in Spanish a very silly song based on “La donna e mobile”…he would sing “Un automóvil-e, dos automóviles, tres automóviles” to remind us of the “accento esdrújulo” on the next to the last syllable and next-to-the next last syllable. Fun times!


  4. Lotte is adorable. She looks so cozy.


  5. A tour backstage? Nice!
    Judith, you stay up later than I do! Even when I read, I’m asleep by 11 – maybe 11:15. *yawn*


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