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As I have said before, here in New Zealand we have a world class opera company.  We have world famous opera singers joining the company for specific performances – Rigoletto currently being performed in Wellington has three singers from around the world and an Australian Director.  These people are brought in to encourage and educate our resident singers.

Upcoming talent is nurtured by the Opera company and from time to time we are delighted to be invited to listen to some of this talent.  Last night was one such time.

It was a bitterly cold Wellington evening with a strong southerly wind blowing so we were very pleased to get inside the theatre.  The evening started with drinks and nibbles (always in new Zealand) and then we were entertained by 12 Emerging Artists.

Music covered arias from Handel, Rossini, Gounod, Mozart, Puccini, Guestavino, Massenet, Britten, Monteverdi, Offenbach and of course Verdi with Bella figlia dell’amore from Rigoletto.

We were told that this is the first time that a counter tenor had been included in the Emerging Artists programme.  Have you heard a contralto tenor sing?  This is the first time I had heard one and it was quite beautiful and if you excuse the expression, I was filled with awe that such a very small man – he was about 5ft 6″ tall – could produce such a wonderful sound.  It was amazing.  He sang Puebilito, my pueblo from Guastavino.  I can only repeat – amazing.  I couldn’t find a recording of a male alone singing this but here is a beautiful duet.

There was a little lighthearted injection when two of the male singers sang We’re public guardians from Offenbach’s Genevieve de Brabant.  This complete with all the appropriate actions was greeted with laughter and applause.  Please click here for a great version of this duet.  It was a fund raising evening and look like lots of fun.

A few weeks ago I wrote about seeing Manon in an Opera at the Met production and last night we heard one of these young singers performing as Manon. She sang Gavotte.  This is from the time when Manon is the toast of Paris and is flaunting herself around town.

So a most enjoyable evening once again.  And now I am looking forward to seeing Rigoletto on Thursday evening.  Please watch this space.

Bouquet of roses

For the organiser of such a lovely evening.

11 responses to “More Opera

  1. I suppose I am too pedestrian. Would never go to opera or ballet. Baseball game – yes. I suppose blue color taste is mine. On the other hand I really enjoy opera poster art so there is still hope for me.


  2. Hispanics have such lovely songs in tribute to their homeland. Although the Argentine Guastavino wrote opera, the Mexicans have the folk song “Canción mixteca” and the Cubans have the popular song “Cuando salí de Cuba”.


  3. winsomebella

    Love the duet. You inspire me to take in the offerings at the beautiful Santa Fe Opera later this summer 🙂


  4. Christine in Los Angeles

    I know ‘mi pueblito’ offers such goodies, but I’m just too lazy to go to them; however, do you remember (a hundred years ago) I lived above a little theatre – welllll, I recently received an email touting their upcoming season – so, perhaps I’ll soak-up a little culture that-a-way.
    God bless, little sister.


    • Oh I loved that apartment and the little theatre. I remember the first time I saw an avocado growing – it was on your patio. Good, good memories Big Sister.


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