Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting
in a theater.
Roman Polanski

Have you seen the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen?  This British 2011 film has just arrived on our shores.  A local Rotary Club had it as a fund raiser and we went along to see it tonight.


Poster via Wikipedia

Britain’s leading fisheries expert, Dr Alfred (Fred) Jones, is approached by a consultant representing a wealthy Yemeni sheik  to help fulfill his vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing for salmon to the desert.   Needless to say, he thinks the project is absurd and unachievable – salmon are cold water fish and they need water.  The desert is hot and dry.  Obviously unachievable.  He declines to help.

But the Prime Minister’s press secretary is looking for a ‘good news’ story and when she hears of this project decides that it is just what the people of the UK need to take their minds away from the grim news coming out of Afghanistan.

She pressures  Fred into working with Harriet, the consultant and the sheik to implement the project. Over time, he gradually comes to believe in the sheik’s quest and of course, fall in love with the lovely Harriet.

Things become complicated when immediately after he declares his love, Harriet’s boyfriend arrives in Yemen (courteousy of the British Government via the PM’s press secretary).  He had been missing in action in Afghanistan and presumed dead.

For the ending of this delightful tale you will have to see the movie yourself.  Suffice to say there is no violence, some lovemaking, a smidgen of coarse language (from the press secretary), some skullduggery but in all it deserves its “M” rating.

Click here for the movie trailer on Youtube.

The main characters are played by:

I whole-heartedly recommend this movie as a welcome break from all the sex and violence being portrayed in most of the other movies currently on offer.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau

14 responses to “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

  1. Thanks for this. I had seen the preview a couple times, but something about it didn’t compel me to want to see the film (I think I got bogged down with the idea of salmon fishing). Then I read a favorable review. Now, I will put it on my Netflix list.


  2. I LOVED this movie…it spoke to me in so many ways…I think it’s a very special movie! (and my H. enjoyed it too…)


  3. Looks good Judith! You do great reviews. I will definitely put this one on my list.


  4. I saw something about this yesterday. Funny you mentioned it. My interest is tweaked. Thanks for the information and review, Judith.


  5. I loved the trailer for this film and plan to get to see it very soon.


  6. Thanks, Judith. I’ve added it to my Netflix queue.


  7. Thanks for the review. It is on my must see list. It should be out in DVD soon.


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