Just Thinking

“Friendship makes prosperity more shining
and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.”
Cicero, 44 B.C.

It’s a Wet, Windy Wellington Wednesday night and I have plenty of thoughts running around my brain but nothing cohesive to put into a blog.  Oh how often I have started a blog with similar words over the past couple of weeks!

As it is Wednesday I have just returned from dinner with two of my grandsons.  It was rather special because neither of the parents were there and so I had the boys to myself.  James, the eldest at 17, has now moved through the monosyllabic stage and talks to his Granma about many things.  He kept me entertained while I prepared dinner for the three of us.  He still is undecided what he will do when he leaves school at the end of this year and is investigating several things but none with any great intensity.

His younger brother is getting over his knee operation and spends most of his time lying on the bed watching TV or sending messages via text or email to his many friends.  Strangely at 16 he hasn’t been monosyllabic in fact, if anything, he has always talked too much.  But he is still sad that he has had to leave his school in Auckland to be at home while he recuperates.

Then on the way home I tuned into A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.  I have written about this before and how I really enjoy this programme.  for the uninitiated it is set in a fictional town Lake Woebegon  where “the women are strong, the men are good looking and the children are above average.”  Tonight it passed the time very pleasantly while I drove through the rain with several stops for road works.  The road I use to come home from my son’s house is State Highway One and they (whoever they are) are constantly working on this road.  Hardly ever do I come home without encountering road works somewhere.

Earlier in the day I sent Andy onto his next destination.  Patti at A New Day Dawns gets to host Andy in Virginia Beach.  I do hope the weather is better for him there than it has been while he has been with us.  We have had some really glorious and warm days but we have also had many days of rain.  And the last couple of days have been ghastly!  So farewell Andy; travel well and take care.

What else?  I had a conversation with a man in the supermarket car park.  He was objecting vociferously about people parking badly and making it difficult for others.  Although why he was carrying on in this way was hard to tell.  There was plenty of parking available for all.  Well perhaps he was miffed because he couldn’t park really close to the store and so had to get his nice shiny shoes all wet.  And why he chose to tell me his problems is beyond me, although I have said before that I talk to people and they usually end up telling me their life stories.  But today I didn’t want to stand in the rain learning anything at all about this miserable man.

And now it is 11 pm.  Time for all good women to take themselves off to bed with a final cup of coffee, a good book and their trusty companion.

Lotte in bed

Goodnight from Lotte

23 responses to “Just Thinking

  1. Goodnight Judith, sleep tight. 🙂


  2. Some people just insist on being heard, especially when they are miffed…and even in the rain!


    • Foolish man and he kept up the complaints all the way into the supermarket. It’s still raining – I wonder what he will direct his complaints at today. :D.


  3. Judith, I love your journal-like entries. Happy Thursday to you.


  4. As always Judith, your “ramblings” are always fun and fascinating. I so enjoyed this one for its truth in telling about the teenage boys and their oh-so-different personalities. Our son was also “monosyllabic” for a time. And about Garrison Kiellor, I was introduced to him when a singing couple from our home town area appeared in the 2006 movie, A Prarie Home Companion.


  5. I think your rain has found its way here. I’m sure it will clear up in time for Andy’s visit. I like the “final cup of coffee, a good book and their trusty companion.” Sounds wonderful.


    • Well it’s still raining here on Thursday morning.
      I posted Andy yesterday and was told 4 to 10 days for delivery. So watch out for him. Sorry his little basket could not accompany him. It wouldn’t fit into his travelling box. 😀


      • Thanks for letting me know the time frame of Andy’s arrival. Too bad his basket wouldn’t fit. I’m sure we can find him a place to sleep, though we don’t have a Lotte to keep him company.


  6. Cicero – Rome’s Confucius.


  7. I miss Prairie Home Companion. I don’t drive in China and I end up missing a lot of those radio programs I would have listened to in the car.


    • We have the National programme the equivalent of PBS here and so we do get to hear these programmes. But it seems to be only in the car that I listen to them.


  8. Jackie Cangro

    Look at sweet Lotte. I hope she doesn’t miss Andy too much. 🙂


  9. Sweet dreams!


  10. You’re much nicer than I am – I excuse myself from complainers rather quickly 🙂 I hope Andy has fun at Patti’s house. She has lots of birds to watch.


    • Thanks for that comment Janna. But this time I was kinda stuck with the guy. He insisted on walking into the supermarket with me!
      I am sure that Andy and Patti will have lots of fun together. Lotte and I are looking forward to hearing about their adventures. 🙂


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