Getting around town

Sitting in the traffic today and then driving around waiting for a park, I suddenly remembered this clip I had seen some where and wondered why we don’t use cycle skates any more.  Click here for the link

These were apparently all the rage in the 1920s and it was thought they would become the wave of the future.  These were the ancestors of inline roller skates and think how easy it would be to park them.  Just pick them up and go – no parking tickets, no limit on the time one can be away.  Sounds a little like heaven.

But I guess they have gone the way of the Penny farthing and the unicycle.

And still on the subject of parking.  A few weeks ago I met some friends for coffee and parked my car outside the restaurant.  I duly paid the parking fee and all was well.  It was only the other day when clearing papers out of my purse that I looked at the ticket –

Parking ticket

Look at the date.  Does this mean I have free parking in Oriental Parade until 1.14pm on March 30 2021?  I wonder how many others have this free parking.


And here is a shot from the other day – Andy waiting patiently in the car for Lotte and me to go for a walk.  It wouldn’t stop raining so the walk was off, but Andy seemed to enjoy just sitting in the car watching the world go by.

25 responses to “Getting around town

  1. Judith, I’d keep using that parking ticket–I bet you could get away with it and be a folk hero if they ever tried to fine you.


  2. It pays to read the fine print. Yes, go ahead and use it.


  3. Would you believe it ? I’ve just checked and the 30th March 2021 is a Tuesday !
    By the way, love the cycle skates, they’re brilliant. 😀


    • You’ve got to love technology and what a coincidence that the day is tuesday again.
      And the skates – well I would probably fall of and break the other ankle.


  4. Yes, use it. I would try to shade it though so the print doesn’t fade. 🙂


  5. I wonder if you could get away with using the ticket? Free parking til 2021 isn’t a bad deal at all!

    Those cycle skates look a little scary. With my (lack of) coordination, I’m pretty sure I’d mess myself up pretty badly if I tried it!


    • I don’t really think I will get away with it at all. I guess the only thing the parking wardens look at is the day’s date and the time. But I could have fun.


  6. Thanks for exposing me to cycle skates as I had never heard of them. On our local bayfront Segway are rented to tourists but I would never tried one.


    • WE have tourists buzzing around town on segways too. My grandsons have tried them of course. I shall have to introduce them to cycle skates as I am sure they would love them. Wonder if they are still around – the skates not my boys!


  7. An interesting and delightful post. I have never heard of cycle skates. Looks like fun if the road is not too bumpy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  8. Wow, I’d love a ticket like that. Here in Virginia Beach, if you want to park down at the Oceanfront where the beautiful beach and all the resort hotels and restaurants are, it costs 25 cents every ten minutes and you have to pay in advance by putting your coins in the meter. So expensive. Andy looks like he’s having a nice time.


    • In most parts of this city it is $4 per hour so this is a real winner. I wonder if I write to the City Council if they will give me free parking until 2021. Ha ha – no chance!


  9. The cycle skates look like fun! Glad they offer the ski pole option, though I’m not sure that would help me! What fun you might have with that parking ticket, like winning the lottery or something. Andy looks like he’s enjoying the sights of NZ.


    • Well I thought that it was worth a try to put on the windscreen when next I am in that part of the city. Who knows – their machines may go haywire!
      Andy is well and we are enjoying his visit. We don’t know how long he can stay so we are making the most of him while we do have him.


  10. Christine in Los Angeles

    Andy looks like a nice little chap – not tearing the upholstery because he’s been left behind, while you and Lotte go walkies. Perhaps you could get a leash for Andy?
    And the business with the parking ticket – our Mother always said if you have to ask, you know the answer is NO! Anyway, I can’t afford the fare to visit you in the pokey.
    God bless, Christine


    • Andy is a nice little chap and he gets to go most places. He has been to the library and to Mary Potter, to the beach and to David’s farm. He isn’t often left behind.
      And the parking ticket – I think I shall write to the Council and see what their response might be. But perhaps if I were to be incarcerated you might make the effort to come and visit.


  11. That’s great, Judith . . . you can wait untio 2021 to buy a new pair of roller skates! 😀


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