Special Privileges On Hold For You!

Readers Digest logoHave you ever fallen into the trap of buying something from Readers’ Digest?  I used to quite like this little magazine – perfect size for slipping into my purse to read when travelling to and from the office.  We also bought the condensed books from time to time.  And although I haven’t even seen a copy of the magazine or bought one of their books for many years  somehow I am on their prize-giving list.

As I haven’t bought anything from RD and certainly not online, I can only think that somebody from whom I have purchased an item has shared my information with them.  Is this legal?  I thought one had to opt in to receive emails, but here I can’t even opt out.    I have tried unsubscribing on several occasions without effect.  I can’t get off their list.

Every so often I hear that I am only one of twenty, thirty, fifty or whatever magic number, to be in with the chance to win BIG;  up to $500,000 is on offer.  And often a car – what colour would I like, which of the three cars on offer can I win, and if I just scratch the pad I will see which car I am likely to win..if only I purchase a series of CDs books or whatever.

Today’s email subject was the title of this blog and just enough to pique my interest.  Normally I just delete the email without even opening it but today I thought I would see just what was on hold for me.  When I opened it I found “You stand to forfeit a share of up to $215,000 if the entry claim number printed above is not activated and you fail to register your entry in time… the first draw for $15,000 closes on 30th June.”

Not only that but “Your chance to win comes along with an exclusive privilege to send for the most talked about television series of the moment, now an exclusive Collector’s DVD collection available ONLY from Reader’s Digest.”

And further “This is an exclusive BY INVITATION-ONLY offer. ”  How could I resist and miss the opportunity to purchase this DVD collection and miss out on my share of the prize?

My response is No Thanks and please stop bugging me.  If I am bugged on the phone in this way I can just simply put down the phone if they don’t get the message.  But what is it with Readers’ Digest that they don’t get the message.

Go Away sign

And another rant is ended with this apposite quote from Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World

My days of whining and complaining about others have come to an end.  Nothing is easier than fault finding.  All it will do is discolor my personality so that none will want to associate with me.  That was my old life.  No more.

As we say here in NZ/Aotearoa “Yeah, right!”.

18 responses to “Special Privileges On Hold For You!

  1. I’m on that same list. I have never bought anything from RD so you are right that they are buying lists from somewhere. I once read the entire Sweepstakes package–all those pages and pages of tiny words thinking maybe it was true and I was a winner. Alas in tiny little print, I realized I had been hoodwinked.

    But if you still want to read a few issues go to a doctor’s waiting room. They are always good for a few issues, probably covered in multiple layers of germs. And I am sure you are a winner in other ways.


    • Thanks. I try not to read anything in the doctor or dentist’s waiting rooms. As you say, multiple layers of germs. And I shall continue to delete these messages when they do get past my spam check.


  2. What a nuisance! Google is pretty good about weeding out things like that. When something I don’t want does get through, I “spam” it and that usually stops it.

    Good luck!


  3. Christine in Los Angeles

    Here, the emails that will not die offer enhancements to body parts I don’t have, and a chance to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars, if only I will allow a Nigerian princess to use my bank account to transfer money from her slain father’s estate. Where’s the offer of a hunky saxophone-playing Italian-American fireman? I could signup for that.
    God bless, Christine


  4. Haha! You girls are so funny, waiting for your fireman offer. I haven’t heard from RD in awhile, maybe they gave up on me. I think almost anyone you deal with online shares your information with third parties that they think you might be interested in. It’s in the “fine print.”


  5. We are all on that list. I just hit delete. It does seem such a scam. I would however respond to a free hunky fireman!


  6. hi Judith. When I was living back home in the Philippines they were like that too. You could never opt out. Thanks for sharing !


  7. Is there a return or reply e-mail address ? You could use it to forward all your spam to them, sooner or later they might get the message and block your e-mail address. 🙂


  8. I so enjoy Reader’s Digest, but the junk it generates is incredibly annoying. Perhaps if I actually won something, I’d change my attitude. (smile)


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