The Easter Parade

When I was growing up in London all those years ago, Easter was an important time in our calendar.  We, three girls, went to church to celebrate but of course, Mother, who was Jewish, didn’t accompany us.  Friday service was always very solemn and left us in a solemn mood for the day.

But we all looked forward to the Easter Parade on Easter Sunday.  Even as far back as the middle ages, many cultures would strut their new finery on their way to church or visiting friends on this Sunday.  A more spiritual slant is this ritual represents the procession that followed Christ carrying the cross.

Hyde Park, London

Whatever your beliefs, as we were growing up we would go to Hyde Park in London and watch ‘the gentry’ perambulating and  showing off their finery and as three young girls we were very excited at the spectacle.  Of course, we always had new clothes for Easter and thought we were also quite grand.

And each year there was the excitement of The Easter Parade at Collins Music Hall very close to where we lived.  The Music Hall would have a line up of top acts for Easter.  Unfortunately, we were considered too young by our parents to go to this show advertised in 1950.

Easter Parade Poster

Bill advertising ‘Easter Parade’ at Collins’ Music Hall in April 1950.

Now Lotte and I are going to be away for Easter and so I ask that you forgive me if I don’t read and respond to your blog posts for the next few days. So enjoy your weekend as you choose.



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11 responses to “The Easter Parade

  1. Easter regards. I was grand marshal of the school Easter parade in 2nd grade. The Pied Piper in grade 3. They were the last of my theatrical endeavors except for acting as though I am sane these last 60 years.


  2. I wish you and Lotte a very Happy Easter!


    • Thanks Darlene and after an absolutely foul summer and miserable autumn we had a glorious weekend. Bright sunshine, walks along the beach, catching up with old friends what more could a woman and her dog ask for.


  3. Enjoy our holiday!


  4. Maybe Andy will be waiting for you when you return. Happy holiday.


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