Happy Easter

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny,
Hot cross buns!
If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons
One ha’ penny, Two ha’ penny,
Hot Cross Buns!

This is an old English language nursery rhyme and street cry referring to the lovely spicy buns we enjoy at Easter.  Well if you are English you will enjoy them and maybe other cultures eat them too.

Hot Cross Buns

Here’s the link to the recipe.  Do try them – they are delicious.

Colorful Easter Eggs

And will you be eating Easter eggs?

Celebrating Easter with eggs has long been a tradition in Western Christianity.  According to Wikipedia:

The Easter egg tradition may also have merged into the celebration of the end of the privations of Lent in the West. Historically, it was traditional to use up all of the household’s eggs before Lent began. Eggs were originally forbidden during Lent as well as on other traditional fast days in Western Christianity.

When we were growing up after the Second World War there was no chocolate to be had and eggs were in very short supply.  So no Easter eggs for us.

When my children were little we used to paint hard boiled eggs for Easter.  They were pretty awful attempts when the children were small and certainly improved as they got older and became more adept with paint and brushes.

And now I suppose my grandchildren will have chocolate Easter eggs.  When they were small (all four are now teenagers) I used to buy them each a book instead of an Easter egg.  And one year when they were all just toddlers, they each got an Easter bunny from Granma (oh not a real one; a stuffed animal).  I know that at least one of them (the eldest) still has his.

Easter Bunny Postcard

Postcard c1907 via Wikipedia

So how will you celebrate Easter?  Do you recognise this as a religious festival with all its meaning or is it a time of rest and recreation for you?  Although I suppose it could be both because the religious symbolism of new life and rejuvenation could also come into being if treating this as a holiday.

And now I am reminded of my Mother’s love of the movies and in particular anything that starred Judy Garland.  One of her favourites was Easter Parade.  We saw this several times as we were growing up.

In any event, and however you celebrate this weekend, have a good Easter and may it be a happy one filled with laughter, friendship and family.

‘Twas Easter-Sunday. The full-blossomed trees
Filled all the air with fragrance and with joy.”
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
from the Spanish Student

30 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Hot cross buns and Irish soda bread at Easter- have had neither in so long.


  2. Hot cross buns and Easter eggs have been on sale here in the UK already since January when the mince pies all disappeared! I can resist the Easter eggs, but not the hot cross buns! And my daughter is planning a Simnel cake … another old traditional Easter speciality.


  3. Easter is one of my favorite family holidays, Judith. My family – siblings, Mom, nieces, nephews, etc. – gather at a sibling’s house the Saturday before Easter. We have a huge cookout and egg hunt, and we enjoy the entire day with family. We’ve been doing it for years, and the crowd continues to grow larger – as friends find their way into the gathering.

    No chocolate eggs or bunnies for the boys, though. We don’t do Easter baskets, either.

    Happy Easter!


    • I really admire you for the way you are bringing up those boys. They will have all the correct values which will serve them all through their lives. 🙂


      • It’s interesting, Judith. What you admire is frowned upon by many of our friends/family. To some, no baskets or chocolate bunnies is neglect. I assure you, though, the boys are blissfully ignorant to the social traditions, and I love that fact.


  4. Hot cross buns are delicious – even when they are cold! But Easter Eggs seem to get smaller every year, as does the true meaning of the extended Bank Holiday – although major stores are closed here this coming Sunday. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. All shops, except dairies (little corner shops) are closed on Friday and Sunday this weekend by law. But there are always arguments and prosecutions each year so we may see the laws changing soon.


  6. Happy Easter to you!


  7. Working in retail, Easter is a bit like Christmas. I’m not a religious person, (I would like to think I’m a nice enough person without religion though), but I did used to like the extra time the holidays gave me to spend relaxing with family. The extra time off has all changed now, and the first signs of Easter were out on the shelves as Christmas finished, (a certain well known brand of little creamy eggs), but the one really good thing to come from all of this … Hot cross buns are available almost all year round. 😀
    I hope everyone has a very happy and enjoyable Eastertime, however the celebrate it. 🙂


    • I agree; I am a good person even if not religious. There was a flurry here in recent years about Hot Cross buns and how they offended others of different religions. They weren’t allowed to be sold in school tuckshops. But it seems to have died down again.


  8. woohoo! Happy Easter to you too Judith, hot cross buns are new to me as an Easter tradition. I’ve been enjoying them, but didn’t know they were connected to Easter. I’m grateful for your attention to my crazy blog site 🙂 Thanks and you have a new fan!


  9. ordinarygood

    Enjoy this wonderful Easter weather Judith. We have two family birthdays to celebrate this Easter.


  10. Happy Easter Judith! Looks like the weather is going to cooperate.


  11. Gotta have hot cross buns on Easter. Wonder why we don’t have them other times? They are so good. But maybe they are so good because we do have them only at Easter.


  12. Ooooh! Hot cross buns and Easter eggs! Chocolate and jelly beans! Pretty flowers and kids all dressed up. Do you remember the song, “In your Easter Bonnet…..?” I love this post Judith – it covers all the many ways to celebrate renewal.


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  15. Jackie Cangro

    Have a Happy Easter Judith! I won’t be decorating any eggs this year, but I will eat more than my share of chocolate bunnies to make up for it. 🙂
    Wishing you a lovely and relaxing autumn.


  16. I saw hot-cross buns in Panera today, but I’ve never eaten them. We attended a musical presentation of Handel’s Easter Messiah at our church this evening.


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