Wet, Windy Wednesday in Wellington

After a few lovely sunny days the rain has returned to Wellington.  We awoke to pouring rain and Lotte decided to stay just where she was.

Lotte in bed

You expect me to go out in that?

But it is Wednesday so no such luxury of staying snug in bed with my book for me.  I have to pick up grandson or maybe grandsons from school and then spend the afternoon and evening with them.  I’m not complaining.  I love Wednesdays but would prefer the sun to shine when I am with the boys as it did last week.

And the wet weather is not confined to our area.  Many parts of the North Island are coping with floods, road closures, landslips etc etc.  So I shall put on my raincoat and put Lotte’s raincoat on to her and we will go for our walk.

But I don’t think we will venture very far.

Stormy beach

The beach near us will be badly blown with stormy waters and while that is lovely to look at from inside the house, it will not be pleasant to walk in.

Khandallah Bush Walk

The bush will be dripping and most unpleasant.

So we will be walking around the streets of Brooklyn for a quick short burst.  I wonder who we will meet today.

Must rush, so until tomorrow when I do hope we will see a rainbow, here is mine to cheer you.


My rainbow

As sunrise follows the night, the rainbow will always follow the rain.  Just look for it – it will appear.
Judith Baxter


26 responses to “Wet, Windy Wednesday in Wellington

  1. Magic happens on rainy days too! Hope it is one full of surprises.


  2. It is still Tuesday here! and a cold and grey windy one it has been. I think Lotte has the right idea. any chance you can convince the grandsons to snuggle under the blankets and read a book? heh heh.


  3. ordinarygood

    It is a bit better out here in Porirua now Judith. If you are heading up the coast to spend time with the family today you may catch some better weather. Let’s hope so. We have been spoilt this past week.


    • Hi Lynley – when I arrived at Paekakariki the sun was shining brightly and we sat ourside for a short time. But then the rain came again. Oh dear!


  4. it’s been a day fro rain everywhere it seems. I got soaked waiting for the bus this morning on the west coast of Canada too. “April showers bring May flowers” my grandmother used to say. Hope you had fun with the boys!


  5. I’m with Lottie on this one, I’ll stay snuggled up indoors and wait for the rainbow there. 🙂


  6. Wet and windy Wednesday here too – and after temperatures around 20°C last week, it’s actually SNOWING here this morning. Or trying to – looks like little downy feathers swirling around. Good old April, true to form!


    • Sun shining brightly today – very frisky our weather. Never know what to expect. And where are you? I couldn’t find out from your blog.


      • I’m still in the UK with my mother – but I gather Switzerland, where I am actually resident, has been suffering the same kind of mad ups and downs!


  7. I hope your dreary day turned sunny once you collected your grandsons. That usually does it for me.


  8. Hope you had a great walk, even in the rain. 🙂


    • We did thank you Robin. And it wasn’t cold outside but Madam wasn’t happy at being taken from her snug place in the bed. She cheered up though once we started to walk of course!


  9. Hope you grew closer to the grandson(s) via the wet, windy Wednesday. Sometimes inclement weather makes for more fun inside. Thanks for the rainbow – and for your blog post. Both make me smile.


  10. I love how you continue to hold on to your rainbow, Judith. I hope the rains have long subsided since you wrote this post.


    • Thank you Lenore. I carry this rainbow in my heart so that even if it raining I know that the sun will come out again soon. And on Thursday it came out. 🙂


  11. They’ve just imposed a hosepipe ban here, in the South of England, Judith – reservoirs are lamentably low! Ironically, it rained in the night – but only enough to dampen the earth. Love your photos – the sky in the top one is almost unreal! 🙂


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