Loonies and Twonies and Candies

Do you know what loonies and twonies are?  I have just discovered they are the $1 and $2 coins that have replaced the paper bills in Canada.

Where did I find this fascinating, earth-shattering, fascinating information?  Well I was reading a report in the Vancouver Sun describing the confusion caused when a truck crashed scattering millions of dollars worth of coins along the highway.  This has also of course, been reported in newspapers across the country.

Truck crash

Apparently when the Brink’s truck carrying the money crashed into a rock face on the side of the highway the complete load of somewhere between $C3.5 and $C5 million in coins was scattered across the highway.

This caused a chain reaction of course, and one of the casualties was a truck carrying candies.  It too lost its load over the highway.

“Crews used a one-metre round industrial magnet on a backhoe to pick up the toonies and loonies..”  And having commented that it would be an onerous task the Constable  on the scene said “I walked through the scene where there was more money than I will ever see in my whole life,” Ontario Provincial Police officer Marc Depatie with the South Porcupine detachment.

So if you have a sweet tooth are short of a few dollars head to Northern Ontario where I am sure they are still scooping up coins.

Back now to Wellington where the good weather is set to continue at least for a few more days, according to our local paper The Dominion Post.

Oriental Bay


Perfect weather in Wellington is fleeting and this could be the last opportunity to bring out the togs for many long months.  The weekend is shaping up to be sun-drenched with 18 and 19 degree highs forecast for Saturday and Sunday.  After the dismal summer we enjoyed endured, this will be a welcome change.

But the Metservice has also warned that the weather is set to deteriorate by Easter, and urged people to get out and enjoy this weekend.

And now the summer is really ending.  Daylight saving ends at 2am on Sunday April 1; is there a message in that? And the nights will draw in and fires will be lit in homes in this street.  Ah well, this weekend will be the last of the summer weather.


My rainbow

21 responses to “Loonies and Twonies and Candies

  1. Enjoy your summery weekend, I’m not sure how much sunshine we’ll get in our British summer but what we have here you’re most welcome to share through our posts. 🙂


  2. We’ve had a lovely spell of weather Judith and a little more to come. It has been a delight to sit outside for lunch, coffee, or a cup of tea.


  3. When I saw the loonie/twonie/candy story on the news I laughed too. So why we call it a loonie–there is a picture of a Loon on one side and the queen on the other. When the $2 coin came out it just naturally became the Twonie.

    And yesterday in our budget they announced that they will get rid of the penny. Egads, Canada will soon be penniless but full of loonies!


    • Truth is stranger than fiction. And I love your loons – I have a great coffee table book called For the Love of Loons that I bought some 22 years ago on a visit to Toronto.. Our smallest coin here in NZ is 10 cents. We used to have one, twos and fives but no longer. So you may be penniless as are we but we have kiwis.


  4. I happen to have a few Loonies and Twonies in my wallet from my last visit to Nova Scotia. Love Sandy’s comment…. penniless by full of loonies! Funny, funny.

    I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weekend, Judith. Perhaps Andy will add a bit of sunshine, as fall approaches. You should see him next week.


  5. Thanks for writing about our loonies and twonies. Sure could use a few more of tem myself. Whatever will we do with that jar of pennies we have been collecting? Enjoy your weekend Judith. Your picture made me wish I was there. A bit rainy and cool on the west coast of Canada. XO


    • When one cent, two cent and then five cent coins were discontinued here the banks would take them back but many of the charities benefited from all those coins that we had hoarded in our mason jars.
      So you are on the west coast. I have only visited Vancouver and the surrounding areas once some 22 years ago but I loved it and when I win lottery I shall visit again. 🙂


  6. There’s talk of getting rid of our paper $!.00 bills. If we do, I’ll know what to call the new coins. 🙂

    Enjoy your good weather.


  7. You are the only one I know who can write two posts in one and make it work! Candies and Loonies- wish I could have seen that and helped in the clean-up effort! And how odd that you are experiencing the beginning of colder weather while I am anticipating sunbathing very soon. How can we possibly think alike so far apart?


    • As I have said before Dor, you are another of my sisters even if you live so far away. I have just bought the Lottery ticket for tonight so watch this space. I may end up on your doorstep yet.:)


  8. It doesn’t seem like you should be heading into bad weather this soon. Hopefully there will still be nice days sprinkled throughout. What a story about the lost coins and candies! It is said, truth is stranger than fiction; we couldn’t make up this stuff!


    • Our weather has been so grim this summer that we are all pessimistic about autumn and winter. But as Shelley said “If winter comes can spring be far behind?”


  9. Excellent post, Judith. What I love about the Blogoshpere is being able to travel all over the world, from the comfort of my armchair and you’ve taken me to two locations in one hit 🙂 It is strange to think of your summer ending, when ours has not yet started. We’ve had excellent weather in the UK for two weeks; school broke up for Easter yesterday – and today the clouds have rolled in. Typical!


    • Well, yesterday was an almost perfect one for us – sunshine and no wind. Today it has reverted, cloudy and no hint of sunshine. Ah well!
      And I do so love travelling around the world from the comfort of my own home. No long queues to check in, no jet lag and loads of good and welcoming friends. 🙂


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