A short time ago I wrote a post Dumb and Dumber relating the silly mistakes this elderly lady made.  Well today I have to say that I can add another to the list.

Yesterday I wrote a blog on The Market and then for whatever reason having published it, it disappeared.  Only after I spent time re-writing the blog did I find out that the post could be restored to the way it was when it was published.  Oh dear.  As my late husband used to say “If all else fails, read the manual”.  So maybe I should have taken some time to find out just what we can do with WordPress.

And today was Neighbours Day here in New Zealand/Aotearoa.  I had heard nothing about Neighbours Day but on Friday I found an invitation in the mail box to A Garage Party to celebrate our neighbourhood on Neighbours Day.  What a good idea.

Our Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has thrown her support behind the idea of a nationwide Neighbours Day, saying that it would build stronger, more resilient communities. Click here to read about it.

One of my neighbours had picked up and run with the idea. She organised this for our street and we were invited to BYO (bring your own wine or beer) and nibbles to share.  So after I had been to the one only Open Home we had today, with a friend I went to the Garage Party.  The party was held in the street and it was an excellent opportunity for us to get to meet and know each other.

We had a very pleasant hour or so together and what a good idea this was.  This is a small inner city street and as everybody goes in and out of the street by car, we rarely get the opportunity to speak with each other.  I congratulated the woman who ran with this idea and hope that maybe the same thing will happen again in the not too distant future.

And no, Lotte didn’t come.  She wasn’t invited but it seemed that most people there knew of her.

Lotte on desk

Another helping hand

As you can see, she was left at home in charge of writing a post for the blog.

Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there.
Franklin P. Jones


25 responses to “Restore

  1. I enjoyed both versions of your Market post – brought back memories for me, too! I am so pleased for you that you have neighbours who want to be friends. Give that lady who organised it a big hug and a pat on the back!

    • I have lived here almost two years now and although I see people driving and walking up and down the street I know only my next door neighbour and the two couples across the street. So it was good to meet some of the others.

  2. The garage party sounds like fun, people here seem to keep themselves to themselves.
    On another note … share the restore info, where is it ? I haven’t found that one yet. 🙂

    • The party was fun and it went on just long enough. We arrived at around 4 and were back home around 5.30pm. Mind you the sun had completely disappeared from our side of the road and it was getting cold by then.
      As far as restore is concerned – when you go into edit a post, look further down (underneath your typing) and there you can see the revisions you have made. I simply clicked on an earlier one (well the one before last) and hey presto it magically reappeared.
      Hope this makes sense to you. 🙂

  3. I think a street party is a wonderful idea. It’s too easy to live side by side without even knowing each others’ names.

    • It was great to meet and put a name to (although of course, I have forgotten most of the names) those people I have seen passing by the house.

  4. I lost a post last week exactly as you described here. I then posted what had happened and Caroline came to the rescue. She told me to look for it in revisions. LOL. I, too, should read the manual.

    • Well I guess it has happened to others as well. Sallyann commented above on this too. If I had read all the responses to your post I would have seen how to restore my lost post.

  5. I love the idea of a Neighbours Day. Such a wonderful thing to do. The garage party sounds like it was fun. 🙂

  6. Miami, Florida has to be one of the most international and multicultural cities in the world. Ironically it seems very polarized as even related sub groups want nothing to do with each other.

    • That’s a sad comment on the world in which we live Carl. We have groups here in Wellington who really want nothing to do with anyone else. I have a friend whose mother came from Greece and in all the 50 plus years she lived in NZ she never learned to speak English. Very sad – I am sure she missed out on so many things.

  7. The street party sounds fun. Love the quote at the end – it’s true. No one’s going to call the police on a noisy party if they’re at the party!

    I haven’t had any posts disappear, but I’m sure I’d try to recreate it because I don’t know how to restore (and wouldn’t think to search for a way to do it.)

    • Thanks Janna – it was good to meet some of the neighbours. Please see my response to Sallyann above so that in the event you lose a post you will know how to restore it. 😉

  8. I only just learned about the draft file too. We aren’t born with this techinal knowledge, We have to learn by trial and error. The street party was a great idea. We live in an apartment and once a year we have a get-together to meet the other owners. It is nice to know who you share a building/street with.

    • I think it is a great idea to have these get to know you days. With all the moving in and out of apartments and in my case, this street, it’s good to at least put a name to a face.

  9. I love the quote, the block party idea, and Lotte! We have such a party once a year and you’re right, we suddenly get to know our neighbors better. I have now been invited to join a Friday morning knitting group even though I don’t knit. It’s evidently a place for ladies (or gents) to come and just talk. Knitting is only the excuse. My friend belonged to such a group that’s called the Knit Wits. 🙂 “Getting to know you” is always the underlying theme.

    • Anything, group or gathering that fosters friendship and understanding is well worth while. Enjoy your knitting/gossiping group and let us know how you get on. 🙂

  10. Love how you celebrated Neighbors Day.

    • I think this is the first year that it has been celebrated in Wellington – or at least, I have never heard about it. It was fun and a good way to meet others 🙂

  11. Neighbours Day – what a fabulous idea. I live on the road end of a ‘close’ , one of two Edwardian houses with a relatively new estate built further in. I’ve only spoken to the people who live in the new house which adjoins our drive – and only then because the woman works in the same school as we do. Loads of families pass by on the other side of our hedge, I hear their conversations, but have no idea who they are. Thank you for sharing this idea! 🙂

    • I don’t know where the idea originated but apparently it was picked up in various parts of Wellington. I am glad that my neighbour organised it for us. 🙂

  12. I love the picture of your dog. It’s good you can leave her in charge of your keyboard!

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