In Wellington Today

After our totally abysmal summer we had thought that an Indian Summer might be on the way.  But that wish/thought has been dashed over the past few days.


A walk in the bush

It’s now autumn with all the lovely sights in nature that brings to mind – falling leaves, golden sunsets etc,  but all we can see here in Wellington is rain.

Ray Charles might have meant it when he sang –

“I’m old fashioned
I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things
The sound of rain
Upon a window pane
The starry song that April sings”

but frankly, enough is enough.

Boat on rocks

Boat adrift in Wellington Harbour copyright Fairfax

And according to the DomPost – our daily newspaper:

“Southerly gales are expected to ease in Wellington this morning and have been downgraded from severe.

The low will fade out on Friday ahead of a Southern Ocean low which will bring a strong to brisk westerly change across the country this weekend – and more rain this weekend.”

So it’s not going to get any better by the weekend.

What else?  A new Armani Store is opened here in the capital. Again, according to the DomPost:

“Already awash with suits, Wellington’s corporate image is about to be further stitched up as Armani Collezioni has chosen the capital for its first made-to-measure service in New Zealand.

Men will be able to go to Vance Vivian and pay from $2895 for a custom-made Armani suit – or duty free ($2450). With 150 fabrics to choose from, including super fine wools, wool crepes, silks and linens, the suits will be made in Italy.”

Apparently just down the street from this new store a man can purchase a suit for $795.  So do some men have more money than sense – or do they just have more style?

And  today we also are told that the worldwide surge in the theft of metal to feed the scrap metal market appears to have hit the Wellington region  with thieves stealing more than 30 heavy stormwater drain grates  from suburbs in Wellington.  “Wellington City Council is urging residents and motorists to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around the suburbs to help prevent more thefts.”  I think that cyclists should be keeping an eye out so that they don’t end up thrown from their bikes.

And a man “regrets” leaving his 23 month old baby girl in a car outside a tavern while he went in for a drink.  Apparently, he was drunk as he drove to the tavern, having already left two children aged 10 and 11 at home alone.

And on a better note we hear that a nun has been awarded a Local Heroes Medal for her ongoing work at a local soup kitchen.  On being told that she had been nominated  by fellow soup kitchen worker her response was “I’d like to wring his neck.”

The medal was awarded for seven decades as a nun,  primarily in the Wellington Soup Kitchen.  So all is not gloom here in Wellington.

Off to Paekakariki to play Granma – I shall finish the post on my return.

It’s 9.30pm and I have just returned.  My son and his family live about 50 kms away from me, that is less than an hour’s drive.  But it could have been in a different world.  I arrived from soggy Wellington to be met with brilliant sunshine and hot weather.  I, of course, had on my winter sweater and they were all getting around in short sleeved shirts,  When the boys got home from school they changed out of their uniforms into shorts and tee shirts.  And all the windows and doors in the house were open to catch what little breeze there was.

It was very pleasant sitting on the patio in the sunshine drinking the cup of tea brought to me by my No 2 grandson.`

But now back in Wellington where it is still raining and windy.  On days like this I wonder why did I move back.

Lambton Harbour, Wellington

The Harbour, Wellington


20 responses to “In Wellington Today

  1. Christine in Los Angeles

    I guess all over the world, thieves steal metal – do you remember, when we were young, someone, in the night, cut off the copper drainpipes from a neighbours house? And, after the war, the rebuildiing of the local church was halted by numerous thefts of the copper intended for the roof.
    Low lifes.
    God bless, Christine (it’s verrrry chilly, here)


    • Yes I do remember that and that sort of theft is continuing. When I worked at Old St Pauls thieves were continually removing the drain pipes and gutters for the copper.
      Oh it’s still chilly here but at last it has stopped raining. Love you. 🙂


  2. What a fascinating post this is – all the news of Wellington (and beyond), and the radical weather too. Although I’m sure you did not mean to make this a travel brochure, it nevertheless makes me want to visit!


    • Thanks Dor – one of those days when I sat down in front of the computer without an idea what to put into a post. Do come and visit – I can show yu a whole host of fascinating places and we could enjoy a real cup of coffee together. 🙂


  3. I visited the South Island 3 years ago and was quite amazed when we drove from the east over the mountains to the west leaving dreary wet weather to emerge into a sunny beautiful day. I so want to go back and see even more. It is such a lovely country. Here in Ottawa, Canada we are experiencing the strangest spring on record. Highs of 25 yesterday and today with humidex of 30C. And it is only the second day of spring. Global warming, bring it on.


    • Thanks Sandy – it certainly is a beautiful country.
      When I lived inMontreal temperatures were still in Fahrenheit, so I’m glad that you have changed and I can now relate. Yesterday in Wellington I think it reached 15C – far too cold for this time of the year. Global warming has passed us by


  4. The tales of Wellington could be told here in the States. Amazing how many similarities there are in the world. (Amazing and sad, I suppose.)
    Glad you had tea with your family, Judith. A little sunshine in your day – figuratively and literally.


    • Cup of tea n the sunshine with a couple of grandsons and my son – what could be better. Today I am meeting my daughter and her two boys for coffee after school, so “my cup runneth over”!


  5. Marianne London UK

    Christine do you mean when they cut the brass pipes from outside the kitchen windows in Mapledene? How our Mum polished hers you could see your face in it. We don’t hear so much of the church roofs being stolen now. Maybe they stopped using copper! We are in spring here and for the last couple of days the sun has been shining not bikini weather yet but shall send photos when I have one on. Watched a film this afternoon with Kirk & Michael Douglas and the song “You’ll never know how much I love you” was playing do you remember our Dad singing it, mostly to our Mum. Made me cry I guess I really am getting old. XX


    • Now it’s my turn to cry. I haven’t thought of that song for so many years and I do remember Dad singing it to Mum.
      I had forgotten about the brass pipes from Mapledene Road. Did somebody steal them?
      And no darling, you are not getting old – you have three years before you catch up with me. XX


  6. Thanks for that, Judith – one of the things I love about blogging is learning about the lives of people in different countries – and the highlights you’ve picked ou give me a real flavour of your world, even the not-so-happy news. It’s lovely seeing grandchildren – mine are 23 minutes away on the mainland – but I’ll have to wait a few years for mine to make me a real cup of tea. Have drunk plenty of make-believe ones, though – delicious! 😉


    • Grandsons are great – I have four. They are growing into bright strong young men and I am very proud of them. Tea making has become a bit of a ritual when I visit on Wednesday afternoon. It’s lovely to have my cuppa and listen to their news. 🙂


  7. Loved hearing the news updates, Judith. Wellington Harbor certainly is beautiful. Maybe that’s why you moved back? Glad you were able to get away for a little sunshine with the grand kids,


  8. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the nun’s response to the award. Too funny!

    Thanks for sharing the news around Wellington. I liked reading about the goings on.


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