Gremlins in the air?

“An apology is a good way to have the last word.” Anon

After a few weeks of being so far behind in reading the blogs I follow, I eventually spent all day yesterday glued to the computer reading, reading, occasionally commenting and often clicking ‘like’.  So now I am caught up and today have only 32 items in the inbox.  Hoorah!


But now I think I must have offended WordPress in some way.  I have tried to respond to various bloggers today and after pressing ‘post comment’ the comment has disappeared into the ether.  So for the many bloggers I follow and particularly those who have mentioned my blogs in their posts – Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation and Caterel at and therefore deserve a response from me, I offer my heartfelt apologies.  Hopefully, whatever the gremlin is it will disappear later today.


I recently came across this quote from Stephen Levine, poet, author and teacher.  It’s in his book A Year To Live

“If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say?  And why are you waiting? ”

Who would I callMy two sisters on a three-way call.  Why my sisters and not my family?  Because my sisters would not be able to be with me while my children and grandchildren are here in New Zealand and able to come to me.

What would I say? I would tell them how very special they both are to me.  What important parts they have played in my life.  How I have missed being and sharing with them over the years.   And if it was at all possible, I would wish to be all together again. It is now 12 years since we were all together (and that was for Mother’s funeral).

Why am I waiting?  I am not.

So think about it.  Who would you phone, what would you say and why are you waiting?

A stiff apology is a second insult…. The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt.  G.K. Chesterton, English author, poet and playwright.  1874 – 14 June

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27 responses to “Gremlins in the air?

  1. I’m not ready to think deeply enough as to who, what and why for the phonecall, I’ll get back to you on that one day, but I know someone who always has to seems to have the last word and would love for them to read your anonymous quote. 🙂


  2. If I had his phone number, I would call my Brother (whom I have not seen in 26 yrs, 9 months) and simply say, “I always loved and believed in you”..

    something great for all to think about..


    • Oh Lynne how awful that must be for you. Hugs and warm wishes from the other side of the world. Just keep what you would say in your head, share it with the universe and hopefully it will eventually find its way to wherever your brother is.


  3. what a thoughtful post. Like you, I am working on catching up on reading and commenting today.
    love that last quote by Chesterton


  4. Thanks very much for this post Judith. It is especially poignant as I have a friend who is dying and I know she is thinking of the last phone calls. On the other hand, I am thinking of what I can say to offer some comfort and to let her know how much she is loved.


    • Hi Dor. I have this very thoughtful elder sister and her’s is the next comment here. I had a very dear friend who was dying. the end came rapidly (after weeks of pain and discomfort) and the day before she died I sat with her and told her all that she had meant to me over the years. How much I loved her and how I would miss her. Please tell your friend these things. You will have the memory forever and she will know how much you valued her.


  5. Christine in Los Angeles

    Judith, I’m with you on the last ‘phone call – it would be the three-way call to you and our youngest sister, because my daughter is only a mile from me, and she would be here, in person.
    Dor, be with your friend, and tell how much she has meant to you, over the years. I think that would ‘hit the spot’, and she would be comforted.
    God bless, Christine


  6. HI Judith
    Your comment did get through to me – and thank you. Yes, this is a thought-provoking post, and has stimulated a discussion here!


    • Oh good – I love it when something I write hits the spot and starts a discussion, It is something we should all consider. It is important that we tie up all loose ends as soon as possible – we don’t know what tomorrow might bring.


  7. I like that anonymous quote you opened with, and enjoyed the heart-felt comments that followed.


  8. Hi Judith, I responded to your comments and advised that you reach out to Akismet as they flagged your comments as spam. It has happened to me… See here:
    TY! 🙂


    • Thanks Elizabeth. I regularly check spam and yes some of the comments from others have landed there so I guess my comments could also land in their spam. Thanks I have read your post.


  9. Christine in Los Angeles

    SPAM!!! you say!!! What a bloomin’ nerve, calling Middle Sisters spam.
    God bless, Christine


  10. Great, great question. I’d call my Mom. And, I did – yesterday, because I had allowed too much time pass between phone calls. Loved this.


  11. For some reason one of your comments you left on my blog got marked as spam through Akismet, too, even though the other one did not. Normally, I always delete comments flagged by Akismet; but I unblocked yours since you’ve commented before with no problems. I second eof737’s comment, reach out to Akismet & see what’s going on. Hopefully, they can get the gremlins worked out!


    • Thanks for the comment. I usually go in and look at the spam comments – don’t open them, and occasionally I see somebody in there that I know is not spam. Thanks for the suggestion.


  12. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’d love to call my sisters, but they are both gone. You chose wisely.

    Say I love you when ever you can. That’s my advice.


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  14. I love those quotes, Judith. And thank you so much for the reminder about reaching out. I have a few phone calls to make. 🙂


    • You are welcome Robin. We all forget that time passes so quickly and we don’t want to find ourselves reaching out when it is too late. I wrote something about this on 23/02 – And if tomorrow never comes…


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