Memories Crowding In…

Many memories are crowding in today
Of days and people from my past.
Mother and Father now both dead
And two sisters on the other side of the world.
How very strong and important are the memories of our years together.

Then memories of meeting my soul mate and
Moving around the world to far distant places
where we knew nobody and nobody knew us.
And memories of my own children growing up in these far places
Far away from my family and friends who had helped
form me into the woman I was then.

Making new friends wherever we went
How important those friends were to me.
Many of those friends are still in my life today
and have helped form me into the woman I am now.
But where have all the other friends,
Once  so important in my life
Disappeared to?
I try to imagine their lives
Are they so very different to my own?
Are they still married to their first loves?
Or have they moved on to other people, other lives
And other responsibilities?
While I will never know the answers
I know that these people were important to me for a while
And live on in my memories, forming a major part of those memories.

Friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  I wrote about this before click here.  Cherish your friends; make time for them and recognise those who are in your life for a lifetime.

Two quotes from that earlier post and I love them both:

Love maybe blind but friendship is clairvoyant.  Author Unknown.  And

“Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.”-Jewish saying


20 responses to “Memories Crowding In…

  1. Lovely. hold on to the happy memories. 🙂


  2. so true, friends form a large part of who we are, the ones before, the ones still with us now, and the ones yet to be met.


    • And sometimes we find friends in the strangest places. One of mine is my ‘supermarket carpark friend’. We met when we had identical cars parked side by side and each had our dog in the back of the car. Even the dogs were the same breed and colour!


  3. Sometimes our lives change, and our needs in friends change with it. Occasionally, I think of friends from years ago and wonder how their lives turned out, but I don’t make any effort to find them. I figure that we’d still be in touch if we had enough in common. The memories of years gone by are nice to have with me, though 🙂


  4. As one with little family left and none here where I live friends are cherished and loved like family.


  5. Isn’t it amazing, the number of people who cross our paths in a lifetime? Especially when one moves to a faraway place. How is your “boot” holding up since its shower?


    • Hi Patti – well it was doing well but today we got caught in an absolute downpour, having to slosh through puddles and so it go t wet again. But not as bad a the other day. Anyway, only four more sleeps until it comes off. Hoorah!


  6. Good memories help us forget the bad times… People do come and go in our lives; some sadly. 🙂


  7. Its amazing that the worst events become the best memories!


  8. Sounds like you were having a bittersweet day of memories, Judith. I’ve been having those days, too, thinking about the wonderful people in my life who are no longer with me, but thankful for those who are still on my journey. The older you are when you move to a new place, the harder it is to make deep friendships. The oldest friendships are still the best ones.


    • I think as I get older I have more of these days. Memories of people who came into one’s life for a season, a reason or a lifetime are all very important.
      I agree that it is harder to make new friends as you get older but som,e of these can become lifetime friends too. 🙂


  9. This is beautiful, Judith. Beautiful and full of truth.


  10. Ooh, I really like this post…I too have moved around and left so many friends behind at one time or another. I sometimes wonder what’s become of them. And I am thankful to the much derided facebook for helping me keep in touch with others :).
    Glad you have such great friends around you,


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