All I Need To Know

Noah's ark

Many years ago my sister gave me a book entitled “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.

This little book contained all kinds of advice that we can heed.  But for me all I need to know I learned from the story of Noah’s Ark.

  • I learned to listen to the voice within regardless of what others think.
  • I learned to follow my intuition
  • I learned to make preparations well in advance
  • I learned to build my house and my life with strong materials and on a firm footing able to withstand whatever comes along
  • I learned to rescue those people and things that were important to me and to keep them safe
  • I learned to choose my companions and fellow travellers well
  • I learned to love my fellow travellers
  • I learned when it was time to let these travellers (aka my children) go to do so with grace knowing that in setting them free they would return
  • I learned to listen to others opinions but to make my own decisions
  • I learned that there is safety in numbers and that none of us can live entirely alone
  • I learned that time for solitary, quiet reflection is also necessary
  • I learned to go with the flow and embrace each new experience wherever I happened to land
  • I learned to give thanks for rain knowing that water is one of our great life sources
  • I learned to give thanks for the sunshine and the drying wind that came after the rain
  • I learned to give of my time to others – Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers
  • I learned to accept the assistance offered by others
  • I learned that life will not be all sunshine and light and that there will be times of rain and hardship
  • I learned that a sense of humour will take me through the hard times
  • I learned that wo/man is not the only living creature and is not of paramount importance.  Who gave us dominion over the rest of the creatures inhabiting our planet?
  • I learned to nurture an attitude of gratitude for all that I have and the life that I have
  • I learned that one man/woman with a strong belief can overcome and succeed in spite of the odds
  • I learned that fish is good for you!

Where did you learn the things you need to know to live life?  And are you living your life true to yourself or are you living somebody else’s dreams and decisions?
























21 responses to “All I Need To Know

  1. Thank you for posting about Robert Fulgham. I have two of his pieces out of your book. One is called “Where do the mermaids stand?”. Both pieces are in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I used to read the pieces to various groups I facilitated.

    I did not realise he had written other books so I will get hold of some of his others. Such simple but profound writings.


  2. Beautiful post.
    Very deep, but very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing it.


  3. I enjoy your postings. We learn things early and have to practice for a lifetime, and still don’t get all right. When my uncle was dying at 81 he said it’s takes at least two lifetimes to get it right. I am betting on more than that.


  4. Oh, this is a good one! I can clearly see how each line of learning is so appropriate to the story and how you have connected each to your own life. You have started me thinking about learning life lessons.


    • Hi Dor. I read something about Noah’s Ark the other day – see the related article – Noah’s Ark Found in Iran! ( This started me thinking about the things I have learned over this long, long life and how they all really connect to Noah. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


  5. If it is ok with you I am going to use parts of this post whenever I teach about Noah’s Ark. Very insightful.


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  7. Good thoughts, Judith!


  8. Oh my gosh, Judith! I love this!! Robert Fulghum is one of my favorite writers. I like his style. Having said that, I love your take on his idea and changing it up to Noah’s Ark. Brilliant!


  9. I always thought that was a great book title (All I really need to know…)
    I like your thoughts on Noah’s ark; and the woman you’ve become, and a life well-lived.


  10. How insightful of you, Judith, to find the deeper meaning in the Noah’s Ark story and apply them to your life. Fabulous thoughts! You are truly an amazing woman. I wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the world. Should you ever decide to visit the States, I have a room waiting for you!


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