Pause and Reflect

New Year’s Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.
Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.  ~Mark Twain

New Year’s Eve in Wellington wasn’t so much a damp squid as a soaking wet one.  The usual celebratory fireworks display on the waterfront was cancelled because of the atrocious weather we have been having over the past few days.

But here in NZ we are not surprised that the summer lasted only a few days in fact three in total – 23, 24 and 25 December.  Then the rain set in.   And it has rained here in the capital ever since.

This year has seen many things happening to our small nation on the far side of the world.

Map of New Zealand

In February we had an earthquake in Christchurch of 6.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.  This earthquake killed 181 people and caused widespread damage to an area that was already devastated in the September 2010 earthquake.  This quake has been followed by regular quakes in the months since.

In May a tornado hit the Auckland region – a very brief burst but causing spectacular damage.

In June two more earthquakes hit the Christchurch region.  The result of these earthquakes is that many buildings have been deemed unsafe and many of the historic buildings that made up the city centre will have to be destroyed.

Residents of some parts of the city were just getting used to the idea that they may have to leave their homes, while some lucky (?) ones were told they could stay when a 5.8 magnitude quake hit them on December 23rd.

On December 14, the Nelson region (about 255 miles/159 kms from Christchurch) was hit with flash flooding causing a multi-million  dollar trail of damage and having people evacuated from their homes.  This was followed with more torrential rain causing more flooding on December 28.

Mother nature’s violent farewell to 2011 wasn’t restricted to the rain. Christchurch residents were battered by three large aftershocks, including a magnitude 4.8 quake 10km northeast of Lyttelton at 1.44pm on December 31.

Of course these happenings fade into insignificance compared to the damage and destruction Mother Nature has caused around the world.  Floods, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes.  So the prize for the most active member of the community in 2011 must go to Mother Nature.

And we must ask ourselves what are we doing to this earth of ours that has caused these things to happen in the past year.  May 2012 bring a more peaceful and settled year for everybody living on this crowded planet of ours.

Wild weather

Angry Mother Nature

24 responses to “Pause and Reflect

  1. Mother Nature was busy in 2011. I sure hope she needs a break in 2012.

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. We had a 5.3 earthquake in Virginia this year, the first I had ever experienced. At first, I thought it was my husband testing the generator in the basement, and then I imagined the house was about to explode. Very frightening indeed. So I have just an inkling of all the fear, devastation, and displacement going on in your part of the world. I too, hope with you for a peaceful, quiet 2012 and that Mother Nature backs off.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year Judith. Dor


    • We are a little blase about earthquakes or at least we were until the flurry in Christchurch. There have been a further 13 after shocks again today.
      Hopefully, Mother Nature will have a quiet year.


  3. I second this wish of yours, Judith. Quiet, peaceful and non-eventful.


  4. The happenings aren’t insignificant to those who’ve been affected by them. We have been blessed this year with no major hurricanes on our coast. May Mother Nature have peace in 2012, also. Happy New Year, Judith.


    • Hi Patti. There have been 13 after shocks today in Christchurch and our thoughts are with those affected. As you say may Mother Nature also have peace in 2012.


  5. Hopefully Mother Nature will be calmed a bit by Father Time.
    Here’s wishing a more peaceful year everywhere in 2012.


  6. One of my publishers is in Brisbane. They had rough stuff to their north this year too. Miami, Florida last got hit by hurricanes Wilma and Katrina about 10 days apart in 2005 and we have been lucky since. I am fearful of a killer or two this year. Usually the aftermath is worse – no electricity for a week. That means no gas, no banking and cornflakes and water get one a bit testy after a week.


  7. Someone should bring her slippers, a cuppa and a couple of good books; then maybe Mother Nature take a sabbatical this year and give her planet and its people a break!

    Or if she’d start blogging she’d have no time for such nonsense.

    Hope 2012 is a good one for you!


  8. Mother Nature has her fury, for sure. I hope she show her more tender side in 2012. Happy New Year Judith!


    • She does have a gentler side as we all know but she has hidden it for a good part of the past year. So let’s hope it is her tender side that she shows us all in 2012.


  9. We are doing nothing. This is the natural course of the earth. The earth goes through changes. Nothing we can do to stop it. Can’t stop earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami’s….it’s the way it is with the planet. We have to go along for the ride. Mother Nature and Father Time have quarrels.


  10. There sure have been some trying times Judith. Is your fracture all healed? Sending good wishes for a much better 2012!


    • Thanks Chris. No the fracture is now in yet another cast but this time only fibreglass so it’s much lighter. It will have to be on until about the 19 January but now I can at least put some weight on the foot so it makes getting around so much easier.
      Your good wishes are reciprocated. Look forward to learning more about you in future posts.


  11. I heard from my friend who is visiting family in Christchurch…it was quite a night last night…so much shaking for so many hours…it will be wonderful to have the gentler side of mother nature return… wishing you well….


  12. Hi Kathy. It must be really frightening living like that. I hope your friend’s family is well. Yes, we are looking forward to seeing her gentler side in 2012. 🙂


  13. Wishing you and yours a very Happy 2012! 😉


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