The Pohutakawa Tree

Pohutakawa tree

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“I think perhaps I’ll never see
A more magnificent  tree
Than our pohutakawa on display
With gorgeous blooms each Christmas Day.

Those dangling roots in search will cling
To cliff or rocks or anything
And nature put this gem so long ago
Where other trees just couldn’t grow.

Thus in pohutakawa’s ancient past
A gene had formed to make it last
And claim today triumphantly
That it’s New Zealand’s Christmas-tree.”

When noodling (my elder sister’s word) around thinking about what to write today’s post on, I came across this poem.  I don’t know the author but it was in a collection of New Zealand poems on

The Pohutakawa is regarded as our New Zealand Christmas tree and the Maoris say that if they produce plentiful blossoms then we shall have a good summer.  This year, summer has been late in coming but has now arrived.

So happy Christmas to all.  And by the way, for those interested, I have a new cast on today that looks like Santa’s boot.  Loads of fun in the orthopedic department today – everybody was in holiday mood.  And the good news was that I was in and out, x-rayed, new cast and all in just over one hour!  Whoo hoo.

Santa boot

I have many more attractive shoes!

20 responses to “The Pohutakawa Tree

  1. Pretty coloured tree … almost as pretty as the colour of your foot peeping out from the cast. 🙂
    Ouch, it looks really painfull though. 😦


  2. I’ve heard this poem before – though I forget where/when. Thank you for sharing this. I’m amazed how quickly you are in and out of the doctor’s office/hospital. Impressive.
    Love the festive cast, too. I hope your foot/ankle is feeling better, Judith.
    Happy Christmas to you!


    • I am totally blown away with well these visits have all gone and all in such a short time. I understand that it is not always like this and that I have just got lucky each time.
      Happy Christmas to you and your family too. 🙂


  3. I’ve never seen this tree before…neat!

    Love the new fiberglass casts…so much lighter than the old plaster ones!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Judith!



    • Hi Wendy. The fibreglass is over the plaster cast. They decided yesterday to give the foot even moire support hence the pretty red Santa boot.
      Happy Christmas to you and Jim and the girls. Judith


  4. Have Santa sign it!

    Gorgeous tree! Nice to see some color in these parts other than grey. Even evergreens get boring.


    • Good idea Elizabeth. The Pohutakawas are lovely at this time of the year they are native to NZ and I don’t know if they grow anywhere else in the world. Must do some research on that.
      Happy Christmas to you and your family. Judith


  5. That is a really beautiful huge tree! wow! …and quite the name too!
    And isn’t that special that you keep getting in and out of the casting department so quickly….thank goodness for small blessings,whatever they might be?? : )


    • I love Pohutakawas – it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. And yes, somebody must be looking out for me at this time. Have a great Christmas break with your family and thanks for all the lovely comments you have made. 🙂


  6. A beautiful tree and a festive Pohutakawa-Red cast! Wishing you speedy healing, much like your speedy visit to the orthopedic department!


  7. jacquelincangro

    Your foot looks very festive. It could pass for one of Santa’s elves. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better and can take it easy even during the busy holiday times.


  8. I do love your “Santa boot” Judith! So festive. What a blessing to be in and out of your appointments so quickly. Those trees are lovely!


  9. Pretty snazzy looking cast for this time of year . . . sorry that you broke your ankle.

    Heal well and fast. 😀


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