What is Life – Part 2

I posted a poem by an unknown author on Monday.  The post was entitled What is Life and has spawned a life of its own.  I am so thankful to all those who added their lines, and would now like to share with you how clever our fellow bloggers are.

The original poem reads –

Life is a gift ….accept it
Life is an adventure ….dare it
Life is a mystery….unfold it
Life is a game….play it
Life is a struggle….face it
Life is beauty….praise it
Life is a puzzle….solve it
Life is opportunity….take it
Life is sorrowful….experience it
Life is a song….sing it
Life is a goal….achieve it
Life is a mission…fulfill it.

To this I added –
Life is for living….live it
Then JessieJeanine added –
Life is for loving….give it –
Lenore Diane added
Life is a story….tell it
And Kathy at Pocket Perspectives made me a get well gift using the poem and then produced a second post – morphed from the first entitled Happy New Day– Happy New Moment.
Then on this second post from Kathy
the petalpusher commented
Life is a big wave….surf it and
Sometimes life seems too salty….sweeten it!
Patricia added – Life is a gift …..open it

I really would love to hear your ideas on life to add to this growing list.

Thanks for reading and for all the good wishes and kind words you have sent me.  And here once again is the ubiquitous rainbow that I wish to share with you.


My rainbow

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down.
Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”
Gilbert K. Chesterton

9 responses to “What is Life – Part 2

  1. I’m alittle more crass, so I’ll just keep it to myself, but this was great! Love that rainbow! I never get a good picture of one. It always looks washed out.


  2. Life is a gift–open it


  3. I love the fact that your original post took on a life of it’s own, Judith. This is wonderful, and I shall share with others. Thank you for adding my 2 cents.


  4. Bloggers are so creative, aren’t they? Love your rainbow days, and hope you are doing well, Judith.


    • Thanks Patti. Yes thank you I am doing well – red Santa boot on right foot for a laugh. Grandsons will see it for the first time later today so I guess they will think it a hoot. And I too love my rainbow days. I feel another post coming on.
      Happy Christmas to you and your family Patti and thanks for following and making all the great comments.:)


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