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It’s Saturday again so here we go.  If you would like to participate please either click on the picture above or click this link.

Bugger, Broken Bone, Confined to House

So here I am unable to drive and totally dependent upon the goodwill of others.  I can get around the house with reasonable ease but haven’t yet ventured outside.  So am beginning to feel a touch of Cabin Fever.

Thank goodness for a sense of humour in this situation.

  • Having a friend at my beck and call.  “Please, may I have a cup of coffee”  “Can you give me my book, my glasses, the pain killers etc”  Can’t carry anything with crutches.
  • Using my alternative means of getting around (other than my crutches)  – my old lady Zimmer frame.
  • Climbing up the three stairs to the bathroom on my backside (aka bum) and then getting onto my knees to pull myself up.
  • I am sure as the time goes by there will be many more humorous happenings and moments to remember.

And thank goodness for a sense of gratitude

  • It could have been so much worse – a fractured bone will heal but those people I meet regularly at the Hospice won’t.
  • My next door neighbour’s sister who was in a coma for months following an accident now requires 24-hour nursing care.  She will not heal.
  • Those others with degenerative diseases, physical or mental will not heal.

And so I say thank you for making me so physically fit normally that I can overcome this obstacle in my life and learn from it.


16 responses to “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh…a zimmer frame?…ahhh, a “walker.” I have a friend who had to use one of those a few years ago after a fall….the bones healed and now she goes to jazz dance class 4 days a week, walks everyday and is full of energy and life…just a matter of time!


  2. I was laughing with my youngest daughter about having a zimmer frame when I get old and taking my time to cross the road shouting abuse at the frustrated waiting drivers (I’m going to be a cantankerous old bag when I get there 🙂 ). My daughter says by the time I need one they’ll have made a hover frame and I’ll just have to hop on and press go. 😀


    • OMG – when the doctor said I should have a zimmer frame I said No Way and then I accepted it saying I wouldn’t let anyone know and now I am telling everyone. What a hoot!


  3. There are wheelie things called knee walkers you can rent at medical supply places. It’s like a scooter but you sort of kneel on a cushion and push with your good foot. It has handles and you can put a basket on it to carry things. Won’t help you with stairs though.


  4. Hi, Judith, you should get someone to shoot video of that stair climb for us. 🙂
    But seriously, I’m glad you have someone to help with coffee and life’s other necessities. You’re right, there is always someone we would not choose to trade places with. Always thankful for a sense of humor.


    • Oh no way the video. It is not a pretty sight at all. And four days later I am really laughing but today have to go back today to have the back slab replaced, I got it wet in the shower.


  5. thank goodness for a sense of gratitude and a sense of humour and good friends to help out. You’ve got the right attitude for sure.


  6. You have a wonderful sense of humor, Judith. I am certain your humor and your thankful spirit will get you through this challenge.
    I enjoyed your Six Word Saturday.


  7. Great six words! Hope your healing is swift!



  8. Oh Judith, what happened? Glad you have your sense of humor..healing is always quicker with it!


    • I slipped on some loose gravel and went ass over head – well almost – and have a fractured bone in my foot. A real nuisance. But only a minor one compared with what others are putting up with.


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