Time for a change

Lotte has been looking a bit bedraggled for several weeks now.  She has needed a hair cut in the worst possible way.  I eventually managed to get an appointment with the groomer and guess what, it was for yesterday.

As I couldn’t drive my friend Carol agreed to take her for me.  This is a new groomer and so she didn’t know how I wanted the hair cut and so I had a conversation with her.  English is not her first language and so the conversation went something like:

Cecilia;       Hello Judis.  Lottee is here now.  How do I cut her?
Me:              I would like her trimmed for the summer.
Cecilia:        But how much?
Me:               Just tidy her up all over so that she isn’t too hot
Cecilia:         But 2, 3 or 5 and 6?
Me:                2,3 or 5 and 6 what?
Cecilia:          Size – most people have 5  for dogs this small
Me:                OK so I’ll have 5.

Well of course I had no idea what I would get and how my pooch would look when I got her back.

Lotte clipped

I don't know what attracted her attention away from the camera

And this is how she looks now.  Clean and shiny and sweet smelling once again.  But gone is her beautiful feathery tail.  You can’t see it from this photo but she now has a totally clipped tail with a ‘feather duster’ on its end.  Oh well, it will grow out in time – I know it will, I know it will!

“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.”
Bob Barker, Game Show Host


15 responses to “Time for a change

  1. She does look all clean and shiny … and it will grow. 🙂


  2. Is she feeling frisky? Sometimes clips that short leave the ‘puppy’ feeling light and full of energy!


  3. I’m sure Lotte is grateful to be cooler! Jim does all of Jake’s grooming (and a lot of the girls’ too)…I tease him and call him “Mr. James.”



  4. jacquelincangro

    I can relate. I took Reggie to a groomer years ago and I told him the same thing. “Just trim him up a bit so he isn’t too hot.” Well, when I picked him up he was shorn so short I could see his pink skin. On the plus side, I didn’t have to take him to the groomer for a long time after that!


    • Well there is always a positive side and that tail hair will grow again. And I am thiking of the money I shall save if I don’t have to take her again for 3 or 4 months.


  5. At least nothing will get tangled in it too much. As long as she’s comfortable in the heat, that’s all that counts.


    • She look quite adorable and like a puppy again when she is so closely clipped. And you’re right. No twigs or sand to get tangled in the long hair. All we need now is some summer sunshine!


  6. We’ve had a few grooming mishaps due to poor communication. I did not like it when they shaved our Golden Retriever’s swishy tail (but we went a long time between grooming appointments :))

    Lotte will be full and beautiful by winter, I’m sure!


    • Strangely enough I am getting used to the tail and it looks OK when she has it flipped over her back, as she usually does. Will make sure the next time she goes that I take her.


  7. Lotte does look much smaller. I’ve never had a dog that required grooming, we had shedding. But that wasn’t so bad with regular brushing, and the dog and I both enjoyed that time.


    • Lotte enjoys the brushing and it is amazing how much of the long silky hair is removed then. But regular grooming is also necessary. She hates the water and so luckily doesn’t venture into the sea but that makes bathing her a challenge as she tries to climb out of the tub all the time. The groomer takes care of that for me too.


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