Six Word Saturday Again

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 Six Word Saturday  – the idea is to describe your life or a day therein in six words.  So it’s a challenge but fun.  If you want to participate please just click the link.   So

Went to the beach with Lotte.

As it was such a lovely day here, bright sunshine and warmth that we have had so rarely in our summer so far, I decided to meet with a friend and take our dogs for a walk.

Lotte and Major

Best friends

Close to where I live is this amazing surf beach and part of it is designated for dogs.  It is not blocked off in any way and the dogs, people, children (oh they are people too aren’t they) surfers, swimmers etc all mix and mingle.

There was a great mixture of dogs today, from Major (the Afghan) down to a tiny Chihuahua and every size in between – there were German Shepherds playing with Basset Hounds, Poodles and Bichons in amongst the Ridgebacks and Labradors and a once white West Highland Terrier that was rolling in the sand with a Griffon.  They all had such a great time and I am sorry that I left my phone in the car while I was on the beach.

All the dogs  enjoy the freedom afforded to them here.  Fortunately Lotte doesn’t like going into the water but her best friend does.  Can you imagine the state that an Afghan Hound gets into?  Running into the sea and then rolling in the sand.  Luckily I always have a towel for Lotte in the car and so it came in very useful for Major today.

Then round to a very casual cafe on the beach.  It is housed in part of what  used to be an Air Force base.  I think they have taken over part of the submarine mining depot barracks.  In any event it is well worth the drive and particularly on such a great day.

Chocolate Fish Cafe

Photo - Google Images

They have an unusual range of chairs.  Each has a different saying on it.  One I saw today said:

Woman drove me to drink

Photo - Google Images

Sorry no photos from me today.  Didn’t know this was what today’s blog was going to be about.

Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us, and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage.
Agnes Repplier
, American essayist. 1855-1950.

17 responses to “Six Word Saturday Again

  1. Hi Judith….isn’t it great when dogs can run free like that?
    Jasmine has joy oozing out of every hair!


  2. It’s nice to see dogs running free like that! They need that!

    My life in 6 words: I need a life big time


  3. Love, peace, quiet, comfort, dogs, home! Great post Judith – makes me think! Love the dog beach story too. My brother goes to one in San Diego and it’s so amazing that all the dogs running free hardly ever disagree.


    • Most town dogs are walked on leashes so they absolutely relish the freedom of the beach or the dog parks. And with all these dogs there were no fights, at least while we were there


  4. My Rosie and I had an early morning walk in the snow here on this side of the world. Glad to see you this morning…….


    • Good morning/afternoon/evening to you. Glad you could drop by. Coffee is brewing so when will you be here? I posted in July I think photos of Lotte in the snow. It was the first time she had encountered it and it was a bit of a shock to her!


  5. The visual of the Afghan Hound is funny to me. You are a super cool lady to let a dog – like that – enjoy being a dog and still allow the pooch in your car. Love your Saturday morning tails – er – tales.


    • Thanks – I only wish I had taken my i-phone to the beach so that I could have posted photos. The Afghan is such a lovely dog and he takes up all the back of my small car.


  6. The doggie play date at the beach sounds like fun! I couldn’t imagine all that sand in the dogs’ fur, though – what a mess 🙂


  7. I can’t imagine the comb-out on the afghan! Sand is so hard to wash out. The more our dog’s coat dried, the more sand we found in the house.


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