Thoughts for today

Baby in rose

(c) Anne Geddes

Have you heard of Anne Geddes?  She is an Australian-born photographer  who now lives and works in New Zealand.  She is one of the most respected and successful professional photographers in the world.  First released in New Zealand and Australia, her award-winning photographs of babies and flowers have become classic icons celebrating birth and life.  These photographs now appear in a range of bestselling books, calendars, greeting cards, stationery, photo albums, and many other fine products.

Today I should like to share with you this power point presentation that I received from a friend.  I have seen it a couple of times already and you probably have too.  But it is well worth taking another look.  Please click here to enjoy Paradox.

“A person’s a person no matter how small”
From Horton Hears a Who! by Dr Seuss

Book cover Horton Hears a Who

10 responses to “Thoughts for today

  1. Yes, I’ve heard of her. I’ve seen her pictures decorating doctor’s offices, but I didn’t know she was from “your neck of the woods.” 🙂


  2. I’ve also heard of Anne Geddes, but I had no idea where she was from. She’s got a good eye for photos!


    • I read a log somewhere and the writer (a guy I think) was saying that she was denigrating the babies by using them in this way. I guess everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions. Personally I love them.


  3. Ahh good old Horton! Great book.


  4. I’ve known about and enjoyed Anne Geddes for years. I gave my daughter one of her books when my first granddaughter was born nearly 14 years ago. I remember seeing that PowerPoint, or one similar to it, years ago, but its message is still so true. I need to remind myself to stop saying, “Some day…” Thanks for this beautiful post.


  5. Anne Geddes took such a simple concept and turned it into a million dollar business. We’re all taking pictures of our babies when they’re born in just about anything they’re wearing, including their Halloween costumes. She just took all that to another level. Gotta love people who think outside the box!


  6. Yes I have boxes and albums of baby photos, both children and their children. But as you say, she took it to another level and turned it into a million dollar business.


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