Chasing Chickens and Cows

Man is rated the highest animal, at least among all animals who returned the questionnaire.  ~Robert Brault,

I was reminded yesterday of a very funny incident in my life.

Fast backwards to 1998 when I was staying with my son and his family following the untimely death of my ‘not so young’ dashing Scotsman.

Their children were 3 and about 18 months at the time.  Two delightful little boys who thought their Granma was close to perfect.  How times change.  I wonder if they think that still!

My son lives about 45 kms from town and has a house that sits on 6 acres of land.  It is quite rural and it was decided that all that was needed to make this idyllic place complete was a couple of calves and some chickens.  James at 3 adopted one of the calves and named her.  Robbie was too small to even begin to understand animals vs people.

Anyway, there was a big rugby game on in town and my son and daughter-in-law took themselves off to that leaving me in charge.

It was a beautiful spring day.   The calves were in a paddock close to the house and the chickens roamed freely around the property.   While the little boys slept  a friend arrived to see me.  A peaceful afternoon in the country.

But no – when said friend  went out to her car she saw that the calves were wandering around the driveway.  This caused some panic as State Highway One runs at the bottom of this driveway.

Farmyard animals

Picture this – two 60 year old women attempting to get the cows back into the paddock while the cows were determined to get onto the road.  Much shooing and pushing followed accompanied all the time by six chickens flying around and squawking madly.  The dog (a young, quite large mixed breed) was running around barking and causing more mayhem.  And my friend who thought the whole scene hilarious, was falling about laughing.  Then of course, amidst the noise and laughter both boys woke up and the baby started to cry.

Eventually the baby was quieted, the bigger boy was given afternoon tea, the cows were back where they belonged although the darned chickens still roamed freely and two exhausted women sat and had another cup of tea.

“Right said Fred, both of us together, one each end and steady as we go
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Right said Fred, give a shout to Charlie, up comes Charlie from the floor below
After straining, heaving and complaining, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea”

Read the rest of this ditty here


I am definitely a  ‘townie’ and this experience confirmed it and brought home to me how different life in town is to life in the country.










18 responses to “Chasing Chickens and Cows

  1. FUN story . . . told in a FUN fashion. Thanks, Judith.


  2. Having chickens of my own, I can get a good visual of all this. Cows can be so stubborn! And chickens are nearly impossible to catch! Add two upset children and now you’ve entered the Twilight Zone!


    • Hilarious when I look back on it. And my friend told the tale again and again adding that she wished she had a camera with her at the time. But all ended well of course, as these things usually do.


  3. Love it ! it’s posts like this that make us all smile, keep them comming. 🙂


  4. best laugh of the week! I could just see the two of you running around trying to get those darn cows back where they belonged. Country living is not for the faint of heart!!!


  5. That is a funny scene you’ve painted. Too bad there’s no video we can check out on YouTube! 😉


  6. That was hilarious. I’ve kept animals so I can well imagine the scene


  7. Flapping chooks, running cows, my son’s young dog and I forgot to add my own dog into the mix, and two small children all under the care of two 60 year old women, laughing hilariously. Thanks for the comment.


  8. lol! And that’s why I have not introduced any farm animals into my idyllic life. lol!!

    Great story, Judith. I could picture the cows, the chickens, and all the ensuing mayhem. 🙂


  9. Oh my, you do live dangerously, Judith! I think I’ll stay in town, now that you mention it.


  10. How great to have a cup of tea after all the excitement, isn’t it?


  11. Yes a relaxing cup f tea – welt I am English after all.


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