Another Post on Writing

“Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?”

That was the suggestion for a new post from WordPress.  By the way – who the devil is WordPress?

Manual typewriter

I have written on the difference between writing when I first started and now.

I may have already told you that I am in the throes of a love affair with my new i-phone.  I have had this for only a couple of months and just love it.  I use it all the time on my walks as a camera and recently have started making notes on it when I am out.  This will take a little getting used to because I ALWAYS have a notebook and pen with me wherever I go.  Oh no, perhaps not when I go to the theatre or a movie but certainly when I go to friends houses or go out to dinner.  Oh and not in the shower.  Pen and wet paper are not a good fit!

My friends are very long suffering about my note taking, only requesting that their names be changed to maintain their privacy.  People I know make jokes about the note taking – “Hey Judith write that one down” and “Don’t want to miss that” and “Did you see that?”  So they definitely encourage me.

So do I prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?  I have to say that my notebook and pen win out.  I have a number of these lined up in a drawer in my study (just a fancy name for the spare bedroom) and often go back to look for something.  My family tells me it is easier to find things stored on a computer, i-pad or other electronic device  but it’s just not the same.

notebook and penI like to fossick through these notebooks looking for something that I know is there.  And the excitement and joy when I find it.  And I can spend hours reading the notes I have made and sometimes, when there is no mention of when and where, I wrack my brain trying to remember.

Now can anybody help with –

  • Tony,
  • Graham,
  • chocolate and
  • France?

This note written like this several centuries ago, well at least 15 years.  So….

28 responses to “Another Post on Writing

  1. Are you actually OK with typing out on those teeny, tiny virtual keyboards on the i-phone? I’m debating getting a i-pad, but figure I’ll need a full-size keyboard, so why bother with a little computer?


  2. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a pen-and-paper kind of writer. I do some work on my laptop, of course, but all the good stuff, the best stuff, is scribbled away into little notebooks. They are stacks of them in the study (also my fancy word for spare bedroom!), and there will likely be many more. Even the stuff I’m writing on the computer now will be printed off and rewritten into notebooks…

    I also tend to take a notebook with me everywhere, too, though I don’t usually get a chance to make any notes like I intend to!


    • I just love meandering back through all the notebooks I have accumulated over the years. Like you, I know I shall always be a pen and paper kind of writer.


  3. I think there’s room for both in our lives. I’m certainly not ready to give up my love affair with paper.


  4. I always enjoy taking a pen to paper. Yet, when I write for the blog, I prefer to just pound it out on the keyboard. Plus, I often lose my notebooks.


  5. I have tried using the little keyboard on my phone for taking notes, as well as the little mini recorder…not so good. I like to take notes – pen to paper. But I also lose my notes, notebooks, or scribble on whatever I find. As far as your notes….can’t help.


    • Thanks for trying anyway – guess it will just have to wait until the light bulb goes on in my head. But that is likely to be when I am int he shower, no pen or paper, and it will all have disappeared when I get out.


  6. I always write everything out in longhand then type. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I don’t own a cell phone or those other things. How do people manage to hit just one of those little buttons or not involuntarily double click? They are too little for stubby arthritic fingers.


    • Funny. I have been typing for so long that I just sit and type at the keyboard.
      And those little button things, one just gets used to using them I suppose. Like everything else we have always told our children andstudents practice, practice..


  7. I waffle Judith so have notes on computer, ipad and paper oh and my iphone and feel a little discombobulated by it. I also have started several journals which I never complete to the last page….hmmm maybe I better get that stuff organized!


  8. I don’t have a fancy phone to jot ideas down on. I’m happy that I can text on it let alone make notes. I do carry a small notebook around in my purse, though. Most of my ideas I keep in my brain.


  9. I don’t have a smart phone, but I do most of my writing on my laptop. In the absence of that, I have a pocket-sized notebook in my purse where I jot down ideas (which I later transfer to a larger notebook that I can’t carry around with me.)

    So, I guess it’s safe to say I’m a two-timer (or commitment-phobic) since I mostly dedicate myself to the computer, but use paper on the side 😉


  10. I vary in what medium I use to write. Sometimes things flow better with a pen and paper, other times the flow happens on the keyboard.

    Any notes I jot down are on paper of some form……scraps of paper can be hazardous as they get tossed out from time to time and l lose that word or idea…..Interesting post Judith


    • thanks Lynley. I type faster than I can write so I tend to sit at the keyboard and just type. But when I am away from the trusty computer, I use my notebook or now occasionally, the i-phone.


  11. Hi Judith…since the onset of computers my handwriting has gotten so bad I can’t make head or tails of my notes!


  12. honestly I love to use my pen and paper but now everything has been changed. I used to use computer now, if last time some people would said that I have a beautiful handwriting, but now no more 😦 my handwriting become quite messy now


  13. I’m a writer too, and I have to say that I prefer making notes with pen and paper but I really need the computer when I’m writing copy or a story just to keep up with my brain. When I try to write a story long-hand, I end up forgetting half of what I wanted to write by the time I get all the words down! LOL But e-notes don’t work for me – half the time I forget they’re there, the other half they’re lost when I get a new device.


    • I know what you mean. I can’t write quickly enough to get all my thoughts down with pen onto paper. So I use the computer for everything except when I am out and about making my notes.


  14. I do like your ‘fossick’ word. We don’t use that word here in Ireland. Thanks for linking to my article, btw 🙂


  15. Fossick just describes the riffling through and turning pages and frustrations etc. Thanks for the comment.


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