Just Another Scam

I rarely go onto Facebook.  I just don’t get it.  But I signed up so that my blogs could perhaps reach a wider audience.

Today I received an email saying that a person had accepted my request to be a friend.  I know the person so I went in and responded that I was happy to be his “friend” but that as I so rarely go into Facebook  he shouldn’t expect to hear from me.

Scam posterSuddenly I was in a chat conversation with this man person.  In the role of my acquaintance, he  said he was in Bolton in the UK.  He had been mugged the night before and all his credit cards, money and cellphone were stolen.  This chat came accompanied with the icon of my acquaintance.   When I clicked on the icon I saw pictures of he and his family. and so I assumed it was from who it said it was.

After enquiring after his health and getting a response he asked me for my cellphone number as the cellphone had been stolen along with the other things.  He then asked if I could do something for him.  Yes – he wanted money!!

His story was that he was leaving to ‘fly home’ shortly and he was having trouble paying the hotel bill.  “Please trust me” and “You know you can trust me” and “I’ll pay you back as soon as I return” followed this plea.  Of course my response was NO!

I tried calling my friend/acquaintance to be met with his answerphone message so maybe he is away.   I then sent him an email advising him that this scam was being perpetrated in his name.

My lesson from this is that anyone seems able to get into a Facebook identity and use it to promulgate a scam.  I wonder how many people are actually conned in this manner each day, week, year.

I have had the usual scams including the Nigerian guy with the money to share, the widow whose husband has left money in an account that can’t be accessed from wherever she happens to live at the time.  I have had emails telling me that I am due a tax refund (ha ha) and others all  requesting details of bank accounts, but this is the first such scam I have received.

I shall stay away from Facebook in future and urge you to all be aware and alert for such scams.


35 responses to “Just Another Scam

  1. Island traveler

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am a leaving proof of a victim of a con artist. Never again should I trust anyone that ask money via email or any forms of media. You are wise in saying no. I just wish we can easily report this things. Everyday countless victims fall prey and it has to stop. “No to all forms of con artist evil tricks.” we need to spread this warning. Have a blessed day my friend.

  2. Sometimes we make expensive mistakes but they make us all the more aware that not everybody is honest out there in the big wide world. thanks for the comment and the blessing friend. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the warning. Everyone using social media of any form should read this. Con Artist like that preys of someone’s kind heart should be stopped and placed in jail. I was once a victim and it was a long, painful recovery financially And emotionally. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. We need to be vigilant that is for sure. I’m glad you saw through this scam.

  5. Oops “ordinarygood”

  6. You can turn your chat off by selecting “offline.” I learned that most of my friends have done that–after I got a chat message, supposedly from my sister-in-law. I called her to make sure all was well, and it was. Someone had hacked her account and was also “in trouble and needing money.” Glad you identified it for what it was.

  7. Oh dear, some people are so horrid aren’t they. Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with Facebook though, I signed up to it when my girls were in Uni and we used it to keep up to date with day to day gossip etc. I have to admit though, my settings are very very tight and I very seldom click on any proposed links from anyone.

    • I so rarely go into Facebook as I said and it was only that the email advising me that this acquaintance had accepted my request etc that I did yesterday. Well now I have deleted the account.
      I understand that it would be good for keeping in touch but for me, there are other ways to do so. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I am sorry Facebook gave you such a bad experience. It’s great though that you could see through the scam. Thanks for sharing. It proves that we must be vigilant.

  9. I have never heard of such a scam via facebook!! I’m appalled! Thanks for the warning!

    Unlike you, I was once tricked $2000 (Yup, that’s a HUGE sum of money I did not earn that summer) on Craigslist. I was JOB-SEARCHING(!!!) and two people tried to scam me, but luckily (I guess) I was only scammed once. I felt so stupid for my idiotic mistake, but it was my first time using craigslist and I was so naive!

    • That was an expensive learning experience. I imagine that many people get scammed using some of these media sites. I guess there will always be confidence tricksters looking for the next opportunity.
      I have now deleted my account.

  10. jacquelincangro

    Good thing you were wise to their scam. I had one friend who had a similar experience through FB.
    A similar thing also happened to me with my email account. Someone had hacked into it and sent a message to my entire address book saying that I was stuck in London and had lost my passport and needed money wired immediately. Thankfully my friends were savvy like you and sent me a message right away so I could close the account. Lesson learned to change my passwords periodically.

  11. After a two week face book experience last year I got off it. Total invasion of my inbox and the traffic on my blog(130 subscribers) demands quite of bit of time including my visits to their blogs any way. Besides I’m am not the least bit interested in your kittens, that granddaughter lost first tooth or the color of your new nail polish. It made me absolutely nuts. Pays to be selective with audience. If I had just half of these people who claim to be friends I could be easily elected President of the United States in November of next year.

    • Aw shucks Carl, and I thought you would like to know the colour of my nail varnish.
      I have had little to do with Facebook as I said and have now deleted the account. Like you I have plenty to do with keeping up with other things.

  12. Good reminder, Judith.

    They. Are. Out. There.

  13. I am not on FB anymore but only because most of the “friends” there are people I never see or talk to or even know. The real friends that are on there are still friends and we correspond in other ways.

    As for scams–I keep getting emails from an attorney in London who says someone with my family name has died without heirs and he can get the money for me. Of course, it would cost me quite a bit to help him with the paperwork and court fees and all.

    • i agree. My friends are contactable by phone or email. I don’t need those ‘friends’ on Facebook. I have deleted my account now.
      And when you gain this huge inheritance from this unknown family member, will you still remember those of us who knew you before you were filthy rich?

  14. Thanks for the heads up Judith.

  15. Thanks Judith–there are so many of these scams floating around.

  16. I used a dating site a couple of years ago and that type of scam occurred at least three times. The sad thing is that there are a lot of women who fall for this.

  17. I’m glad you didn’t get duped. If you’re not paying attention, I can see how these scams can get to a person. Thanks for sharing your experience as a reminder of how we need to be careful.

    I am not on Facebook and have had no desire. Like you, I would like to increase traffic to my blog, but I’ve always been concerned about the security and privacy of the whole thing. (Not much to put out there either, since I don’t put pics of my family on the internet and everything I have to say is on my blog anyway.)

  18. I have never had this happen to me in all the years I have used Facebook….but if it does, I will definitely be reporting it! No one’s getting any money from me anyways, I’m broke half the time! LOL

  19. A friend had her account hacked with the same results. I ignored the email purporting to be from her with that hotel story… It’s a real shame that people spend their creativity in such a wasteful way…
    What also makes me sad is that every time this happens, the name Nigeria is used as if all the scammers are from Nigeria. Actually, a lot of the email and online scammers are now from Asia and Europe… doesn’t excuse the behavior… just saying. 😦

    • Hi Elizabeth. A friend was at an election party yesterday and the person whose name had been used in the scam was also there. Much talk ensued apparently about hacking into emails and Facebook It is really scary how these people can get our names and/or email addresses so easily I agree. I don’t think these scam artists are from any particular corner of this world..

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