Saturday Brunch With Friends

I have just discovered Six Words Saturday and while I am not totally sure that this is what I am expected to do, here is my first attempt.

 Saturday brunch, French conversation with friends.

I posted earlier on a group of new friends who have been in a conversational French class and now meet on a regular basis to practice.  I so enjoyed my first visit with them that I intend to meet them again.  While there has been no official invitation to join them I have been told where they will meet this week.  So I guess that’s as good as an invitation.

I love the idea of something new and this Six Word Saturday appeals.  I shall try it out again at a later date.



11 responses to “Saturday Brunch With Friends

  1. Sounds like great fun! Multilinguinal You!


  2. Sounds fun. Since we are behind you here, perhaps we shall have Five Word Friday……hmmm.


  3. Voulez vous me passe le beurre, s’il vous plait? 😀

    Merci, Judith!


  4. Enjoy!


  5. Sounds like fun. 🙂


  6. Mais oui – tres jolie!


  7. It sounds like just the best way to learn a new language, coffee, croisants and conversation. 🙂


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