Power, Passions and Positive Belief

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I am currently running a six week course entitled “The Power of Positive Belief” for a Women’s Centre some 60 kms north of here.   I have run this course and several others a few times for them before. This current course has 9 attendees and last Monday was the first session.

Of course, I have an outline for each session and we build on it as we go through the session.

Session One is headed “Believe in Yourself” and we talk about the power of believing in oneself.  I always give several examples of those who really believed in themselves and achieved:

  • Roger Bannister the first person to break the 4-minute mile
  • Maxie Fowler who gained his law degree in California at the age of 61 after having sat and failed the exam many times
  • George Dantzig who, arriving late for class, thought that the formulae on the board was homework.  He solved two ‘insolvable’ equations that had stumped Einstein
  • David Baldacci author of countless best sellers, had a drawer full of pink rejection slips before his first book was published, and many more.

We talk about the five Ps – Passion, Priority, Practice, Performance and Purpose and how we can use these to get what we want.

Everybody is encouraged to participate and Last Monday’s group took on board the 5 Ps and we ended up spending much of the 2 hours talking about passions and how to identify them and build on them.  Most of them couldn’t identify a passion and so I agreed to send them a worksheet to help and they agreed that they would work on this during the week and we would pick up again on Monday.

So I had to come home and devise a worksheet.  Over the years I have produced many worksheets but I have never had a group so interested in finding their passions before and I am very excited about it.

So tomorrow’s session will be on Passions and Self Limiting Beliefs – all I have to do now is put the session together.


If you can conceive it
and believe it
you will achieve it.”

18 responses to “Power, Passions and Positive Belief

  1. This kind of workshop sets the foundation for breakthrough and for living ones life from vision. Everyone should participate in something like this at least once in their lives.


  2. I think it took Edison 10,000 attempts to get light bulb just right


  3. Empowering women is such a great thing to do. Watching them reach out and grow is heart warming.


  4. jacquelincangro

    I wish I was there, Judith. I would love to take your class. How did you get started teaching this course?
    I bet you are a very dynamic and engaging teacher. Helping others figure out their passions must be a very rewarding experience.


    • Wish you were here too. I have been running courses on a variety of subjects for a while and really enjoy doing this. I started by going into the Women’s Centre and talking to the organiser. It snowballed from there. They call me when they have an idea for a course or when they want one that I have already run, run again. I am looking forward to today’s session – it had to be rewritten to encompass mostly passions.


  5. I’ve talked about the 4 P’s~ Passion, Purpose, Patience, and Persistance.

    Sounds like a terrific class. A quote I love:
    Your purpose is to find your purpose and pursue it with passion.


  6. Too bad you’re on the other side of the world. I’d like to attend your workshop.


    • Come on over friend, you will be most welcome.
      I have been asked whether I would consider putting it on the internet so that people in other places can follow it. I am thinking how to do this. 🙂


  7. That’s a nice size group for this kind of workshop. This sounds like a wonderful program, Judith, I imagine you are great at teaching and offering encouragement.


  8. Hi Patti. There were three extra today and so 12 in all. Still a good number so that people can interact and share. 🙂


  9. When you believe in yourself and do your best to achieve your goal, their is no limit to what you can do and achieve. personally, it help to pray as well. When you did your all and prayed for divine intervention what else can fail? Great insights on the 5 p’s. Each one holds a key to achieving our dreams. God bless you and your family….


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