Just Another Day in Paradise


Firefox crashed and I hadn’t saved my post so I have to start again and perhaps yes, a glass of wine would help.  The air was a trifle blue with the words that I said.  Last week wordpress played up and now Firefox.  Oh woe is me!

Glass of red wine

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So with glass beside me I shall start again.

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain.  Not heavy rain but the kind that soaks one through while doing absolutely nothing for the garden or the plants in tubs and pots.

Rain on leaves

Lotte took one look outside and decided it wasn’t for her.  She ran back inside and stood at the side of the bed asking for a lift up.  Well she has very tiny legs and the bed is quite high.

Lazy Lotte

Far too wet out there - I'm better off here!

So no little companion while I had breakfast and got ready to start my day.

I have told you before about Opera at the Met here in Brooklyn, Wellington.  Well today we were enchanted with Donizetti’s Anna Bolena starring  Anna Netrebko  in the title role.  This was really a tour de force.  It lasted 4 hours with only an 8 minute interval.  But what a privilege to see these fantastic artists.  Anna Netrebko was supported by Ekaterina Gubanova (Jane Seymour), Tamara Mumford (Mark Smeaton), Stephen Costello (Lord Percy) and Ildar Abdrazakov (Henry VIII).

Anne Boleyn

Picture via Wikipedia

We all know the story of Anne Boleyn and her marriage to and betrayal by Henry VIII so I wont belabour it here.  But look at this short video and see for yourself the mastery of these artists.

We also were privileged to see interviews with the stars and also with Marco Armiliato the conductor and with world-famous costume designer and former director of theater design at Shakespeare’s Globe theater, Jenny Tiramani.

A delightful way to spend four hours (10-2pm) on a wet Wednesday.

Then it was back to a normal day.  A quick lunch and then I helped my real estate friend set up a couple of apartments for photography.

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.”

And I think that this day deserves my rainbow.


My rainbow

20 responses to “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. well, didn’t you have an absolutely marvelous rainy day! although i kinda like Lotte’s approach to it all. heh heh.


    • Hi Joss. The response “A good day. We are so fortunate that a local cinema is showing these operas. :)” was meant for you. don’t know how it got into the wrong space.


  2. Lotte has the right idea! (Sweet picture, too.)


  3. A good day. We are so fortunate that a local cinema is showing these operas. 🙂


  4. Love that error message!
    Another I like ~ “Would you like some wine with that whine?”

    Hope your computer access doesn’t continue to cause you to lose docs.


    • I like your quote too. This morning the danged computer decided to log off without any prompting from me. So today I am doing my post on word and then pasting and copying it into wordpress.


  5. I am glad you got things straightened out enough to do this lovely post…Your Wed entertainment sounds perfect!


  6. Love the picture of the rainbow and Lotte’s cute little eyes! 🙂
    Looks like you made some good out of a rainy day just like I did yesterday!


  7. I like Lotte’s idea of how to spend a wet day. It would be nice to try it and see if it’s as nice as it looks!


  8. That bed is going to be really crowded …
    I’m with Lottie too. 😀


  9. What an AMAZING opportunity you had… How incredible to see such a collaboration… I bet you just felt so ALIVE afterwards… performances always do that to me…


    • We are really fortunate to have the opportunity to see such artists at work. I am waiting for the next one to be shown but that will not be until March next year. 🙂


  10. That is an adorable picture of Lotte. Glad you found a way to enjoy that rainy day. I went for a walk yesterday, and came home to find the “clock” feature flashing on the microwave. I had written some for NaNoWriMo earlier and hit save, but hadn’t put it on the thumb drive, and didn’t have the battery in the laptop! The file was retrievable, but that was a scary moment.


  11. Oh the very annoying thing is that yesterday when I turned on the computer the draft was there. Very strange things these computers! Glad you could retrieve your file. And now go and put the battery in the laptop. 🙂


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