Sunshine, Wet Towels and Gardens

It’s a lovely summer day here in Wellington.  It’s Saturday and the sun is shining, and the whole day stretches ahead of me.  I can choose how I spend this day.

House through trees

A bit of a problem to start the day.  I live in this lovely old (1914) cottage with all mod cons except that the washing machine empties into the laundry tub.  And yes, you’ve guessed it, something was left in the tub and I was greeted by water rushing to meet me as I opened the door.  As the laundry is tucked away in a cupboard in the bathroom, I now have the cleanest floor tiles in Brooklyn.

Today was Suburb Cleanup Day.  This is apparently an annual event and they/somebody will take away any household items you no longer want.  Of course, they don’t take garden or household refuse.  So bright and early I put a few things that I wanted rid of out at the gate and looked up to see the many things that neighbours had discarded.

A golf bag (minus clubs) across the road; a child’s pram at another house; an armchair at another; and the girls next door put out the dog kennel.  I guess they decided that as George, their little pooch, never goes ito it they may as well get rid of it.

Then a friend called to say that if I was going to work in the garden he was happy to come along and help.  Great friend!  Before we started I had to borrow some shears from my neighbour and as is the custom here, before starting work the three of us sat in the sunshine on the patio and had coffee.  It was so lovely, no wind, which is unusual for Wellington, sunshine and pleasant company I didn’t want to move.  But then we did.

We cut back several decades of ivy from a sitting area at the rear of the house and then weeded the brick steps leading up to it.  I ruthlessly cut back much of the growth that was keeping the sunshine from the back patio and now there is more light in that area and into the house.

Then lunch and my friend left because I had to finish my blog for the day before we go out to a fireworks display for Guy Fawkes night.  Heaven knows why we continue to celebrate this treasonous act but here in New Zealand we do.


Many families have parties on this day and let off fireworks.  One of my grandsons has a birthday on November 5 and so they always have fireworks.  The City Council has as firework display each year in the harbour.  So we are going to visit friends whose house overlooks the harbour to view the fireworks.

Frankly, I don’t like fireworks and think they should be banned except for properly organised displays.  When I was very young I saw a child lose an eye and have hated fireworks ever since.  You will understand then that my children were never allowed fireworks.  On the odd occasion that their father bought some, the children  were kept inside well away from any trouble.

End of rant for the day.

“Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason while gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.”
Traditional English rhyme – 17th century.


21 responses to “Sunshine, Wet Towels and Gardens

  1. Glad the washing machine problem wasn’t any worse!
    Hope your Guy Fawkes day is reasonably quiet. I thought it was really neat that Tauranga cancelled their fireworks because it was going to be close to where they are rehabilitiating the penguins who were affected by the oil spill and they didn’t want to stress them.


  2. I think I know where the wind went when it left Wellington. It’s gusting quite well here. Glad to see your beautiful sunny day. It’s nice to know it is warm somewhere! I can certainly see why you would not like fire works.


  3. I’m with you about fireworks Judith. Public displays only please. Our two cats are on house arrest tonight as they are very frightened of the noise and flashes of light.

    I hope Lotte will stay “coo”l tonight.


  4. Suburb Cleanup Day? Wow. I love it.


  5. I could feel the beautiful aura right from the minute you had a coffee break with a friend/neigbor…hehehe sorry for your washing machine i think sometimes we need to hurdle things like that.ehehe. By the way its nice working in the garden and watching fireworks after.


    • Thanks for the comment. I got so comfortable in the sunshine with friend and neighbour that Ididn’t want to do gardening. But now I am glad that I did.


  6. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love fireworks, but some people do not exercise any sense when lighting them off.


  7. Ohh, that does sound like a lovely day to help take away some of the frustration of the wash tub, I hope! Fireworks are something that’re still a little difficult for me; I’ve got some memories tied into going out and viewing fireworks, and it’s really irritating, besides, when people set them off in our neighborhood. I don’t mind so much, but our dog does and the poor thing is terrified of them.

    Granted, Ginger is terrified of almost anything, but fireworks are particularly bad for her.

    Either way, definitely envious of your coffee and gardening. It sounds lovely!


  8. While I’m away for the weekend the girls are looking after Alice (my rabbitt), my middle daughter went out to put her away safe in the hutch early last night and found her sitting underneath the patio table watching the fireworks. She has plenty of hiding places in the garden but had chosen to watch the displays instead. 🙂


  9. Good thing you took care of the water flow… causes major damage. Anyway, you do have a very cute cottage. 😉


    • Thanks Elizabeth. Yes I do know how much damage water can cause and am usually more careful. The good side – the cleanest bathroom floor in Brooklyn.
      And yes it is a cute little cottage. 🙂


  10. Never really knew much about Guy Fawkes Day? We just do Fourth of July here in the states with fireworks and they have caused injuries and fatalities but people still do them here, too.
    Happy Belated Birthday to your grandson! 🙂


    • Thanks Sharon. I really don’t understand why we keep celebrating this treasonous act as I said. But…. And thanks for the birthday wishes. When next I see him, I’ll pass them on. 🙂


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