A Walk Around Brooklyn

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am. ”
Author Unknown


I'm ready to go are you?

Yesterday was Halloween and I thought I would take Lotte for a  short walk around the streets of the suburb to see if we could see any witches, ghoulies or ghosties.  I remember the fun my children had on Halloween and wondered if children still had as much fun.

We started as usual walking down our steep street and immediately up this fairly steep path.  Very good for the legs.

Self sown offerings along the side of the path lifted my spirits because they survive on their own without any care from a human

We met this little sweetie with a painted face
all ready for trick or treat waiting for the time to pass

I wonder what’s at the end of this driveway

We saw children playing at the after school care centre; we saw children having fun and children who appeared to be quite upset. We saw harassed mothers and smiling mothers; we saw teenagers going about their business, some looking very bored.

We saw a Bichon Frise being walked by its owner
and we saw a very large dog out for a walk on its own

This pirate was being taken by his mother to various
friends’ houses for trick or treat.  He was very happy to
have his photo taken to use in my blog

The village was full of children of all ages dressed to make Halloween and trick or treat fun.

And then we arrived home.  Lotte fell onto her rug exhausted
after a long walk up and down the hills of this suburb.

These were the only trick or treaters who came to my door
last night.  Don’t they look good?

“When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.”
Author Unknown

22 responses to “A Walk Around Brooklyn

  1. what a beautiful road you have for walking. Thanks for sharing it with us. Oh, and much different from Brooklyn, NY. heh heh.


    • It’s very much an older inner city suburb but with some interesting places to walk. I have been to NY a couple of times but always in the centre of the city of course. Not Brooklyn:)


  2. What a beautiful area Judith.
    LOVE the cupcakes!!!


    • Thanks Granny. Just read your post and love that photo. Sometimes we need others to tell us how beautiful is the place in which we live. And o the cupcakes, I couldn’t find any in real life that looked that scary.


  3. jacquelincangro

    I love going on your Halloween walk with you. Your Brooklyn looks very different from my Brooklyn! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  4. Such a lovely walk! Sorry you had so few trick-or-treaters and had to eat all the treats yourself.


  5. Thanks, Judith. Love the pirate . . . and those spidery cupcakes. 😀


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  7. The last three are quite lovely, Judith. Someone had a very steady hand to do the face painting on that little girl. She must have held very still, too. Poor Lotte, she had FOUR tired legs when she got home! lol


  8. Cute kids, I especially love the first little girl’s painted face! And those are some creepy looking cupcakes!


  9. What a lovely tour of your Halloween. Thanks.


  10. I love going for walks with you and Lotte. I had no idea there were rhododendrons in NZ. Are they native or transplanted? The “rhodie” is native to the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and one of our most beloved flowers. We even have The Rhododendron Festival when they are at their peak.

    I think the pirate is my favorite little spook. Precious.


  11. Great pictures! Who wouldn’t want to walk around a lovely place like your Brooklyn?


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