Lunch in the Garden

Monday was a holiday – Labour Day – so we took ourselves off for lunch with some friends.

It was a dull, overcast, windy day in Wellington when we set off, but when we arrived there some 1.5 hours later the sun was out and lunch was set outside.

lunch settingA really sunny spot in which to have lunch.

JasmineLots of paths to wander.  Jasmine with its strong and distinctive scent,
always reminds me of New Zealand whenever I am away.
This one was growing up a tree trunk

Blue potThis old blue pot was nestled snugly amongst the ferns

Seat and rhodosSeats are scattered around the garden where one can sit to take in the scene

bluebell pathA shady plot under the trees

StudyThe studio has its own outside seating in case one wants to sit in the sun

the garden pathWe can see where this path leads

a place to sitA shady place to rest on a hot day with a cool drink
after tending the garden

water featureAnother seat with another view

As you can see my friend is a keen gardener and has turned this 3/4 acre garden into a virtual haven.

It was a lovely afternoon; great food, good company, loads of laughter, fantastic scenes and fine wine to quaff as the day wore on.  What more could one ask for?

“After all, Eden was garden… the garden is a place to go for quiet contemplation, a source not only of food but also of spiritual renewal and intimate contact with life’s most basic processes. 
Ed Smith “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible”

Note – all photos taken with my trusty I-phone with the blessings of the gardener and her spouse.


22 responses to “Lunch in the Garden

  1. Great pictures! Especially with a phone camera. Looks like a lovely place.


  2. Envious. I live in condo world-no such thing here.


  3. Lovely garden…looks like a lovely place to sit and think and write.


    • I tell myself that if I had such a garden I could write all day long – but wait, I did have such a garden in several of the houses we owned and the writing output was not any better. Oh well, I can dream. 🙂


  4. Beautiful post. What a charming place! I want to go there. 🙂


  5. Lovely! As autumn returns here and paves the way to winter, it is nice to see the life and color in the garden.


  6. jacquelincangro

    I am all thumbs (and none of them green) when it comes to gardening. So I love to appreciate other people’s valiant efforts.


    • Well when we had larger gardens I was lucky in that there was always someone else to tend them. Now I have a very small garden and only me to look after it, but I cannot compete/compare my efforts with those of several friends. 😀


  7. They’ve really created a garden of Eden on a small plot of soil. 😀


  8. What a lovely garden space. Love that blue pot, especially. It looks like spring has arrived, all those pretty flowers.


    • I found the blue pot nestling amongst the ferns quite by accident. I was about to sit down for my after lunch coffee and saw it out of the corner of my eye. 🙂


  9. what a beautiful place!:)


  10. I love the garden, so many different places to sit, it looks beautiful. 🙂


  11. Beautiful pictures! 🙂


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