More on the disaster

Rubbish on beach

Picture Via Dompost - rubbish on beach from container ship

The best update I can give you today is to direct you to the local paper and suggest you look at the photos there and read all about it.  Click on the main photo to see the rest.

I am too shaken up to post any more today.  Birds are dying, fish are dying, the coastline is being fouled with this detritus and what is being done?

When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?


31 responses to “More on the disaster

  1. Oh Judith…how heart breaking!!

  2. The answer to your question is probably not until it is way too late…we humans are much too selfish.

  3. So sad.

    HUMANS: We aren’t the only species on Earth . . . we just act like it. 😦

  4. Honestly, I can’t even click on the link. It is too heart-wrenching. Everything – all of it – is in my prayers.

  5. jacquelincangro

    I’m so sorry to read this Judith. It’s just heartbreaking.

    • The affected beaches were absolutely pristine and the envy of others around the world. And we took them for granted. Selfish and greedy are we!

  6. Such a tragedy! So sorry…

    • Hi Debbie. Nice to hear from you again, but at such a tragic time. The ramifications of this will be felt around our coastline for many months to come.

  7. I finally saw a news article on this disaster on Yahoo. The trashing of the earth is very sad. I just dont’ know what else to say.

    • It appears to be getting worse by the hour. Hundreds of birds have been found dead and the beaches are littered with trash, dead birds and fish and oil.

  8. Just read the stories on your link, Judith, and I heard a short news story on it on our National Public Radio station this morning during breakfast. I know how you’re feeling, having gone through a disaster like yours last year. It makes you sick, especially when you know it could have been averted. The ramifications to the environment continue for years afterwards. You are in my thoughts.

    • Apparently there has been coverage in France and the UK. It appears that the reef is well documented and nobody has an answer to the question of what happened.
      I suppose that in time we will hear more about that. Meantime, the clean up is proceeding with hundreds of volunteers joining the professionals. All are being provided with protective clothing thank goodness!

  9. We think we rule the planet but we’re just one of the tenants. The results are often heartbreaking

  10. Only humans could make this kind of mess.

  11. Devastating. Heard about it on NPR but it is always much worse in reality. Here we go again……….

  12. This is so horrible! 😦

  13. Oh my! My heart hurts for NZ, and the people who have to deal with this. No matter how negligent, or how stiff the penalty, the fact remains that it could have been avoided. So sad.

    • AS we are coming into the summer here these beaches will be unusable for many families. And businesses in the area will also become affected. I keep saying ‘when will we ever learn?’

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