My Week

After yesterday’s rant I thought I would move onto something less heavy.  But what?  I am having one of those moments when I sit in front of the blank screen and my mind screams “write, write” but nothing comes forth.  So I now shall go back and look at some of my frogs.  But there is a paucity of ideas there.

So what have I done this week?  It’s now Friday here and so there have been five days since Sunday.  How can one get through so many days and not have much to show for them?

  • I have had walks with Lotte each day as recorded in my blog.
  • I went to a movie on Monday evening and saw ‘The Help”.  I strongly recommend this movie.  I had read the book and this is probably a faithful rendition of the story.  In case you haven’t seen this movie, it tells the story of three women who dare to defy convention and get together to tell the stories of the way coloured women servants were treated in the 1960s in the south.  Well worth a trip to your local cinema.  An added bonus for me was that it was showing at our local bijou cinema so we took our wine in with us and had a meal afterwards.  A very pleasant unexpected evening out.
  • Yesterday I was taken out for what was described as high tea.  Being English I know that traditionally, high tea was a working class meal served on a high table at the end of the workday, shortly after five pm. It was a heavy meal of meat or fish dishes, vegetables such as potatoes and baked goods such as crumpets, vegetables  and other  foods such as baked beans and cheesy casseroles.  Afternoon tea What we had yesterday was afternoon tea at Martha’s Pantry.  Beautifully served with a great selection of teas.  I chose the blend called Paris and my partner had Pomegranate.  Mine was delicious a blend not unlike Earl Grey but with subtle undertones of various other blends.  I tried to purchase some as we left but unfortunately, they only had teabags available and being English, I drink real tea.  They did try to get some from their suppliers (they use leaf tea in their shop) but the smallest amount I could buy was apparently 500 grams (about 1lb) so it would be stale long before I used it.  Hard luck!
  • Oh I forgot.  I picked up my new i-Phone on Tuesday and have lots of fun finding my way around that.   But being blonde I have to go to the phone store to have them show me how to connect the Blue Tooth. Watch this space!  Oops, another exclamation mark.

So quite a busy week for a retiree almost retiree.  (almost  to yet another exclamation mark here but stopped just in time.  Have things to do this afternoon with and for my Real Estate friend.  and looking forward to tomorrow’s brunch with my French conversation new friends.

“If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone.  A man should keep his friendships in constant repair.”
Samuel Johnson


22 responses to “My Week

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Worry not Judith…. I don’t have an I-Phone….. but if and when I do get one, I will have to have them show me how to get the thing out of the box, how to turn it on and off, how to make it go “woo woo”, and will have to encase the thing in rubber so that I don’t break it when I inevitably drop the thing just minutes after I open it. My wife read ‘The Help” and loved it. She’s hoping to see it soon. 🙂


    • Ok so now I have taken photos but still have to work out how to get them on the computer, the Bluetooth is working and all systems are go. I can sympathise with you over the dropping comment. The reason I had to get a new phone was that I dropped my old one (nine months old) into a puddle of water and it died.
      I hope your wife enjoys The Help as much as I did. 🙂


  2. I love the Samuel Johnson quote. And I appreciate your educating me on high tea. I had no idea. Very interesting indeed.


  3. I am currently in the same predicament of chasing a frog myself….they are naughty little creatures, aren’t they? 🙂
    Glad you seem to have overcame yours!


  4. My week has flashed by too Judith and I’m not sure what I have to show for it either. I may sort it all out by blogging about it:-)


  5. I can’t beleive it’s Friday again already. I think someone has been hacking into our brains and stolen the week from us all.
    Your afternoon tea looks wonderful and I just love the little woolie tea-cosies. 🙂


  6. It was this doctor and that doctor week for me. They told me I am getting older. I am so thankful to live in a country where the most advanced medical resources are available and that I have insurance.


  7. I loved the picture of the afternoon tea. I’ve always wanted a cake stand like that for no reason at all. I just think they look great


    • Many many moons ago I had a wooden cakestand that sat on the floor. It had three levels and the goodies were put on special plates that went with the stand. Don’t know when in all the moves I had made I lost it. Wish I still had it, but as I don’t do afternoon teas like that anymore guess I would use it as a plant stand or something. 🙂


  8. Nothing like afternoon tea to sort through the busy week of an almost retiree. Sorry you couldn’t get some loose tea to take home with you.


    • Hi Nancy. There are several tea retailers here and I am told if I can tell them what the tea was they can probably find me a substitute. Oh well I’ll just have to go back to the teashop. Life’s hard but someone’s got to do it! 🙂


  9. It sounds like you had a lovely tea time. The Samuel Johnson quote speaks volumes. I shall pay heed. Enjoy your weekend!


    • My children say I am a fount of useless information including quotes. I have always loved Samuel Johnson and use his quotes freely. And enjoy your weekend. Ours is rapidly coming to a close – 4.30pm on Sunday. 🙂


  10. High Tea sounds like supper to me.

    Love the Samuel Johnson quote. It is something I try to do.

    I have an elderly friend who is so alone because she “despises” the youth of today and her old friends are just that, old and dying. Well, except for me, I am 25 years younger than her but still in the old(er) category; not sure how I fit in there.


    • Yes, growing up we called it supper, but my late husband’s family (made up mostly of farmers) always called it high tea.

      I am so sorry about your friend. Does she know what she is missing? I have several friends who are much younger than me, a couple are even younger than my daughter. I value their friendship, their outlook on life and the things I can learn from them. 🙂


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