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“The caterpillar dies so the butterfly could be born.
And, yet, the caterpillar lives in the butterfly and they are but one.
So, when I die, it will be that I have been transformed from the caterpillar of earth to the butterfly of the universe.”
John Harricharan, award winning author, lecturer and businessman.

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Today I went to the hospice to serve lunch for the first Thursday in several weeks.  Firstly, a friend’s husband died and she needed my support, then there was a memorial service for another friend who died last year and last week I had the lurgy so I couldn’t take my germs to the patients (or the staff).

All of the patients were new to me.  They don’t seem to stay in the hospice for any length of time, but rather come for a few days or a week and then go home, to return again at a later date.  Quite often they are there to have their medication sorted out or perhaps just to give their carers a much-needed break.

So I had to introduce myself to all of them.

One patient was surrounded by her two daughters and some of their small children.  That was a noisy room with children laughing and competing with each other for Granny’s attention. Apparently, another daughter is about to give birth any time so she wasn’t visiting today.

Another patient was celebrating with her husband.  They had just heard that their daughter had given birth to their eleventh grandson – he was one hour old.  The grandfather had been to see mother and child and reported to his wife (and me who happened to be in her room) that all was well.  The baby was strong and thriving and the mother was radiant.

How lovely to think that as these two lives are coming to an end, other new lives are just beginning.

And when I came home I read this post from Winsomebella and I thought again how great life is.  I think grandparents have the best of all worlds.  They have these small people to love, to nurture and to assist in so many ways.  Many grandparents in today’s world also have the responsibility of sharing the raising of these children.  I have responsibility for my grandchildren only until they are returned to their parents.

And I thought of how quickly the years pass and how these little folk grow and become their own people.  They change, they mature, they learn and they repay all the love, kindness and help given to them by their grandparents many, many times over.  I only wish my late husband had stayed around with us long enough to see his grandsons grow into the strong young men they are each becoming.

“To be a really brilliant grandmother remember what it was about your own that you loved most, then imitate her.”
Judith Baxter – 1938 –















30 responses to “Thursday Lunch

  1. I’m sure he would be very proud. It’s apparent from your blog that you think very highly of your grandsons. And how very lucky your grandsons are to have you for a grandmother and role model!


  2. Nice post Judith – the circle of life. I imagine you see your late husband at times in your grandsons.
    I know what you mean about the loss of a grandfather ( father, husband) too soon. My Dad died when he was only just 62 years of age. He knew and loved my three children but never knew the other 10 who would come along in years to come. And of course they missed out on him with his sense of humour, fun, love of sport and music but I see him in them at times – just wee mannerisms.
    I love being Gran to my wee fellow (2.5 years) and will be Gran again early next year to his brother or sister. It is so nice to have time, without the pressures of parenthood, to enjoy him.
    The hospice energy would have been lifted today with the sounds of happy children.


  3. Thanks Lynley. Enjoy your littlies now and as they grow. Mine truly are inspirations. And yes, I do see their grandfather in them – mannerisms mostly. 🙂


  4. I love the quote on the beginning of this post…such a lovely way of thinking about life. 🙂
    You sound like such a great grandma, I have yet to even be a mother myself but I do love little ones and seeing pictures and hearing about them. The picture of a baby here made me smile as babies always seem to do. 🙂


    • Your time will surely come Sharon and then you can lavish the love on your own children (and eventually grandchildren) that you give to other peoples’ children. 🙂


  5. Judith, I like your own quote at the end of your post. Something tells me you do just that, too.


  6. Beautifully uplifting.


  7. Great post and I, too, love the last quote. Something for me to think about!


  8. Lovely post! I was astounded by that beautiful quote by John Harricharan…had not heard of him until about a year ago when he commented on my blog wanting to link a piece I wrote on his blog and subscribed to mine, what an honor it was to me. He has such lovely thoughts!


  9. Very nice post, and a great quote as Suzicate says


  10. Babies brings out the best in us. Congrats for being a grandma. Savor each moment, they grow so fast. You’re right, you have the best of both worlds. Beautiful post.


  11. Lovely thoughts, Judith. That baby looks serene.


  12. I love your thoughtful post, Judith, and especially your quote at the end. Thanks for sharing your love and wisdom with so many.


  13. I love this. The mention of the cycle of life all the way to the quote at the end was just lovely. I know I’m so grateful for my grandparents and especially for my kids’ grandparents. I don’t know what I would do without them!


  14. My father’s mother was dead before I was born and so I only knew my maternal grandmother. She had quite an effect on all our lives and I am trying to emulate her in my dealings with my 4 grandsons. 🙂


  15. Your last few words left me with a lovely warm feeling inside. I’m still waiting (impatiently) for my grandchildren, but I seem to remember little things I did and enjoyed with my Nana on a daily basis. I’m regularly being told how much like my Dad I am and since he was very much out of the same mould as my Nana I hope to turn out just like her. 🙂


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