Blowing away the cobwebs

After being inside for the past 5 days, apart from the short trips to the Open Home on Sunday and the Doctor’s office yesterday, I decided that both of us needed a walk today.

So Lotte and I got dressed to go out.  the sun was shining and where I live there was little wind.  After a quick lunch with a friend, during which Madam was confined to the car much to her annoyance, we went to the harbour.

Lambton Harbour

Lambton Harbour via Wikipedia

Here in Wellington one can walk for several kilometers around Lambton Harbour.  The old port of Wellington has been reclaimed and opened to the public.  An old building has been converted to apartments, a large arena has been built and several of the sheds have been converted to other uses.  Te Papa (Our Place in Maori) is  our National Museum and it sits on reclaimed land in the harbour.

Shoreline plaque

via Wikipedia

So as you can imagine it is a very pleasant place to walk on a sunny afternoon in Spring.  But by the time we arrived there the wind had got up – well this is Windy Wellington after all – and poor little Lotte had to contend with the wind blowing her ears back from her head, almost inside out.  I do wish I would remember to take the camera with me when I go out as she was quite a sight to see.

But we both welcomed the opportunity to get out on such a lovely day.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.
Gilda Radner
, 1946 – 1989
American comedian and actress,



24 responses to “Blowing away the cobwebs

  1. Seaport cities with culture and historical aura – I call them “walking’ cities. TheY usually have used book shops in which I love to browse.


  2. I love being near the water. It must have been very relaxing! Nice to see that they have renovated and revived the area.


  3. You can’t beat a nice walk and some fresh air. I wish you had taken your camera too


  4. Glad you are feeling well enough to get out and get some fresh air.


  5. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered….I could almost feel the fresh air in my lungs reading the post!


    • I felt so much better after the walk. I think just being closed up indoors adds to the miserable feeling. Shall go off again for another longer walk today.


  6. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to get outside after being confined! So glad you’re doing better.

    I agree with Gilda Radner’s take on dogs.


  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Looks like a wonderful city to go for a walk….. even a cold and chilly walk…. 🙂


  8. I’m glad you blew away the cobwebs! 😀


  9. Good to hear that you are feeling more like your old self.


  10. I’m so glad to hear you girls got outside for some fresh air, and feel better, too!


  11. Certainly worked for us. And we are doing it again today but on the beach 🙂


  12. Awww, that WOULD have been interesting! I just love the pictures of your little dog, he is so adorable! 🙂


    • We have followed it up over the next few days with a couple of walks along a beach. It was where the first settlers arrived in New Zealand from Britain. Quite wild, almost deserted. Yesterday I took photos and so they will appear in a future blog. 🙂


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