Yellow Bags and Vegemite

Did I get your attention with the heading of this blog? Well these two items were at the top of my shopping list yesterday.

Rubbish bag

image from WCC website

Yellow bags are the bags we purchase so that rubbish will be removed by the city’s garbage collectors.  It used to be that rubbish collection was paid for as part of the annual rates for services provided by the Council but some years ago this was changed.  Reduced services = higher rates (aka Council Tax.)

So we are faced with two options – pay for an independent garbage collection company to bring one of their wheelie bins to the house for weekly collection or buy the Council rubbish bags as these are now the only bags they will collect.  The bins are not expensive but as I don’t really have a great deal of rubbish I choose to use the Council bags.  And so yesterday I had to purchase some.

WCC wheelie binsWe also have recycling.  This is collected once a week and the Council have supplied wheelie bins to some areas in and around the city and in those they deem to awkward to service, ie steep or narrow streets, they have provided green rubbish bags.

Even though many people in my street have commercial wheelie bins for their rubbish, the Council have decided in their wisdom, that our street is too steep and/or narrow for their trucks so we have more plastic bags.  But we are assured that the bags are made from recyclable material and are themselves recyclable.

VegemiteNow to Vegemite.  This is a yeast spread beloved by both New Zealanders and Australians but not my children or theirs.

It is made from yeast extract and we are told that it was banned in the US because it contained folate.  Apparently this can only be added to bread and cereals and so one could not import it into the US.  this would have been a real hardship for many of us who like it on toast in the morning with our tea or coffee.

Single packs of VegemiteBut beware.  Some years ago we had a visit from some Canadian friends.  While on a short flight from the South Island they were offered cheese, biscuits and those awful little packs that contain jam or in this case, Vegemite.  With coffee in hand, and thinking the Vegemite was jam, my friend liberally spread it on the crackers supplied.  But it should only be spread very, very thinly on crackers or bread.  She found and pronounced it disgusting.

And what is this post all about.  Rubbish and food.  They kind of go together, don’t they?


28 responses to “Yellow Bags and Vegemite

  1. LOL! I’ve never had vegemite, BUT….It is sold in Wegman’s. In their “International” section in the Great Britain isle. Along with Marmite. I’ve been told that you have to be brought up on it to appreciate it. Either you love it or hate it. No in between.
    We have to choose an independent garbage collector for our refuse. They collect recyclables ever other week and have provided us with a special bin for it and it has to be separated by cardboard, glass, and aluminum. I sometimes wonder if it’s really worth it. Such a pain in the neck sorting everything. Then making sure the animals don’t get into over night.


    • Strangely I wasn’t brought up on it but I do really like it on toast with tomatoes. Neither of my children like it although I introduced it to them when they were very young.
      I often wonder what they do with all the recycled stuff at the garbage collection point. Apart from glass which is collected separately everything else goes into the bag. Are we to believe that they employ people to sort this?


      • Yes, I do believe they have hired help that sorts that stuff! Well, here in the states they do. Sometimes we’ll burn some of it if we want to have a fire in our fireplace to help get it started. That’s a no no, but it’s not alot.


  2. I need 535 yellow bags. As dead body bags.
    100 for the US Senators and 435 for US congressmen.
    Will you please accept this rubbish for your garbage dumps?


  3. Someone else recently blogged about marmite and I didn’t know what it was nor am I familiar with vegemite. And it’s made by Kraft but not sold in the US?


  4. When I was learning to cook a lot of my food was garbage. I am now a good cook so less garbage.


    • I like that attitude. My husband was the cook once he retired. When he died I used to call my friends and say “I feel like cooking do you feel like being the guinea pigs?”


  5. We have a big wheelie bin – and every Sunday when I wheel it to the end of the driveway, the big wheelie bin contains only one bag of rubbish. A huge bin – for one bag. We recycle so much – and when you recycle, the waste is reduced greatly. Rob takes our recyclables to the recycling place himself. We don’t pay the rubbish collectors.

    Vegemite. A continued curiosity of mine. Is it sweet? Can you describe the taste? Will you describe the taste?


    • Yes I have very little rubbish which I why I buy the Council bags rather than pay for a large wheelie bin.

      Vegemite is not sweet but rather bitter if you use too much. It is vegetable based hence the name, and a little salty.


  6. Yes, food leads to rubbish leads back to food and that is how nature has created an order. Nature did not factor in councils and taxes and plastic. We have to rescue nature by reverting to the order.


  7. We have wheelie bins and they are huge. Since I live alone I could probably do with some yellow bags if they were allowed.

    I’ve never eaten Vegemite. Glad you explained what it is.


    • The reason I use the bags rather than pay for a bin is that I have very little rubbish and would never fill a bin each week. No hungry teenagers in this house!


  8. We have wheelie bins, one for trash and one for recycling. However, the arm on the truck that lifts, dumps and places them back on the curb is remiss in its job. Our bin has been left in traffic and the wheels and handle torn off by something. Pretty soon we will need a bin for the bin.


  9. Never tasted Vegemite but I love Marmite. I think a lot of the people who say they hate it spread it on too thickly – its such a powerful taste! It needs to be really thinly spread onto hot buttered toast and if you want to be really exotic a spreading of marmalade on top of that! OK that’s breakfast sorted!


  10. Yes they do. I was wondering if egemite was the same as Marmite. I love marmite, and I agree with Susanthe coach about it. It is also grreat with marmelade and honey


    • Vegemite is vegetable based and I think Marmite is meat based although there is yeast in both. As I said to Susan the coach I might try the marmalade idea although I really do like Vegemite and tomato on toast.


      • No, Marmite is vegetable based as well. You might be thinking of Bovril which tastes strangely similar and is in a similar shaped jar but is concentrated beef stock and much loved by football fans on a cold day in Scotland (but probably only because they aren’t allowed to take beer into the match!).


  11. Thanks, ducks. I was wondering about putting a little honey with it. I love New Zealand honey.


  12. We had a similar experience with marmite, my sister thought it was chocolate spread ! 😀


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