Hurricane Irene

Is there anything else to talk about today?  I have been watching Fox News on and off since early this morning.  I have never lived in an area prone to hurricanes and so I cannot begin to imagine how you people feel as it bears down on you.

It looks as if New York City will get the full brunt of this storm and the anchor/newsreader has just said that the last time a hurricane swept through NYC was 1984 but the last time it hit the city was 1821.

My thoughts are with you all today and over the next few days as you come to terms with what appears to be a major disruption to your lives and those of your loved ones.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you at this time.

24 responses to “Hurricane Irene

  1. TY for your kind thoughts… We will all brace for this in NY and survive it. Right now, we have heavy rains and intermittent internet… Prayers always welcome. TY for thinking of us. 🙂


  2. Its pretty scary. I have friends in New York and also in Connecticut so hoping they are all OK and have the hatches firmly battened down.


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  4. Although I live in the Uk I have been following this storm on live news. Luckily it seems to be losing some strengh and won’t be hitting New York full on. Some people have had a hard time of it though and my sympathies go out to them


  5. Sounds like things weren’t that bad and the storm mostly turned out to be hype.


  6. Lots of power outages, but few deaths reported. That’s key.

    Thanks for your good wishes.


  7. I pray all others made out as well as we did.


  8. We’re having some wind and rain in Nova Scotia, but so far so good.


  9. We fared well in Virginia. Not everyone, but we did. The number of casualties jumped sharply after the storm left here, but I’ve not seen much news today, spent this beautiful day outside cleaning up yard debris. Thanks for thinking of us.


  10. Amazingly, this morning we woke to brilliant sunshine. Isn’t nature just so remarkable?
    Thanks for your thoughts, Judith. We did much better than forecasted, thankfully. All that’s left of Irene is the cleanup now.


  11. jacquelincangro

    Reporting from Brooklyn, NY: Reggie and I are doing well.
    He had to go out for a walk as the storm was tapering off. He loved it! His ears were blowing back and the wind was in his face. Me, on the other hand. I was concerned about falling tree limbs.
    Some folks had damage unfortunately, but most were unscathed.
    Hope all is well in Brooklyn, New Zealand!


    • Glad all is well in Brooklyn NY as it is in Brooklyn Wellington. Lotte doesn’t really like to walk in heavy wind but she revels in the rain. Strange creature.
      I am glad that you are both well.


  12. The coastal areas got hit the worst! Winds and rain were a nightmare! Some people did die due to trees falling on them or their cars.
    Where I live, Mother Nature did her annual pruning. If I see another branch, twig, or stick I’m going to be ill. THe wind I will say was up to about 90mph. That was a bit scary.


  13. Oh, and thank you for your thoughts and concern!


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