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Scorpions are Really Buzzing Around Today

Once again, my mind is full of scorpions.  And not just one or two but a cyclone of scorpions.  You did know that a group of scorpions is called a cyclone?

Yesterday we laughed at the ridiculous ads of half a century ago.  But now I have found one that is truly awful.  Not anything to laugh about.  See what you think?

Ad for love cosmetics

This was an ad for Baby Soft products produced by Love Cosmetics made by Menley & James Laboratories a subsidiary of Smith Kline.  Wikipedia tells us “In April 1974 Love Cosmetics began to make a line of Baby Soft products meant for adults. The items were scented with an innocent fragrance most often associated with babies. There was a Baby soft talc, a body lotion, and a foam bath. A marketing slogan read sexy in a very special way. ”  How immoral is that.  And now compare the above photo to this

Jon Benet Ramsey

This is Jon Benet Ramsey an American child beauty pageant contestant.  We all know the story of how this 6-year-old went missing from her family home in Boulder  and was found some 8 hours later in the basement of the house.

Do you see the resemblance between the advert and the child?  I think that the promulgators of the ad were totally, morally corrupt to advertise in this way.  What has changed in the 37 years since then?

We still have ads directed at pre-adolescents, encouraging girls particularly to dress and act way beyond their years.


This is 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau.  According to The Fashionist “10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau has been making headlines – both good and bad. While some publications have begun praising the genetically blessed child as the industry’s next big thing… the little girl with a sultry stare beyond her years, has started a debate over the sexualization of young girls. ”  How can this be acceptable in today’s world?  Is this what we want our young girls to aspire to?  This child most certainly looks old way beyond her years.  And  find these photos of her not only disturbing but also immoral.

I have no granddaughters and my daughter is married with sons, but I should really be concerned if it were considered that this kind of advertising is acceptable.

And then I found this –

This is a photo of 8-year-old Britney Campbell recovering from a shot of Botox administered by her mother.  After the pair appeared on Good Morning America showing the mother administering the shots,  Trent Rhorer, executive director of the San Francisco Human Services Agency, said officials wanted to talk to Kerry Campbell and her daughter Britney.  Ms Rhorer said ”It’s pretty unusual for a mum to be injecting an eight-year-old with Botox..”  Oh really!

And I really think I should end this rant here.  Tomorrow will be on a lighter subject I promise.

“If our way of life fails even one child, it fails us all.”
Judith Baxter, Mother, Grandmother and blogger.

Note – I have assumed that as these images have been circulating freely around the internet that they are outside copyright.  If this is not the case then I apologise wholeheartedly for any misuse.