And Today’s Offers…

Yesterday I received an email from a very good friend that included some of the funniest aka craziest ads that ever were promulgated published.

Toothache drops

Why is everybody rushing to the shop?


Wouldn't this go down well today?

And do you want to lose some weight?  Try some of these – but remember the tape worms have been ‘sanitized’.

Weight loss posterVitamins

Or feeling a bit lethargic?  Try a few of these they will immediately buck you up.

Husband and wife

And do you have a new baby?  These will most certainly help

Baby and colaMother and baby

And when you visit the doctor with your baby remember

Doctors smoking

Wish listAnd gentlemen.  Do you have a problem on deciding on a gift for your wife, particularly at Christmas.  Worry no more.  The answer is here.

Vacuum cleaner


And if you don't have a wife, here's a sure fire way to attract that woman of your dreams

Kenwood chef

And gals - just in case you've ever wondered

And did we really believe these  ads?  Were we really so gullible? Certainly as a new young wife I thought the house had to be perfectly presented, the children had to be perfectly behaved but I never ever accepted a household appliance as a gift – Christmas or otherwise.  But these ads while giving us a chance to laugh show just how far we have come in 50 plus years.

Which is your favourite one. No prizes will be offered but I should just like to know.  My favourite is the tape worms.  I really wonder if people bought them sanitized or not.

Note – I have assumed that as these images have been circulating freely around the internet that they are outside copyright.  If this is not the case then I apologise wholeheartedly for any misuse.


27 responses to “And Today’s Offers…

  1. Bwahahaha! These are a hoot!
    I love looking at old ad claims . . . they make today’s claims seem tame.

    My favorite: She’ll be happier with a Hoover. 😀


  2. The tapeworms is hardly believable. Nasty thought! I’m torn between starting young children on cola so they’ll fit in when they reach their teen years and the Blatz beer. Seriously? Whether people bought into these ideas or not, did someone actually think this was good advertising? To quote another old commercial, we’ve come a long way, baby!


  3. I love this kind of thing. I chuckled as I read down them. More please


  4. What a freakin’ riot and to think people believed those ads… My scariest favorite, if one could use both words in the same sentence, is the soda pop drinking baby. Get loaded up on sugary drinks to improve and increase your social life as a teen?!!!! (more like increase your violence meter and jitters!).
    I like the tuckered out guy who will get his groove on with a few teaspoons of Total cereal, yeah RIGHT!!! 🙂 😉 😆


  5. “Christmas morning she’ll be happy with a Hoover” Oh how this made me laugh and howl. When I was married to my first wife 35 years ago I got her a brand new vacuum cleaner for her birthday. Being a practical fellow I thought such a gift would be deemed delightful. She informed me that since I was such a loving fellow, the vacuum cleaner would be whom I would be “loving” in bed from now on !


  6. Those ads are funny and witty. I wouldn’t have a great laugh today if not for this post. thanks for sharing and for the visit. Stay blessed and inspired always.


  7. jacquelincangro

    Thanks for the laugh! My favorite is the one for the Blatz beer. Oh, dear. Makes me wonder what people will think of today’s ads in 50 years.


    • But what about more doctors smoke Camels. I clearly remember going to the doctor’s when I was young and seeing the ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. I can hardly believe it now. 🙂


  8. Yes, thank you for the laugh! I am particularly fond of the gift option sheet… just cry a little, and he’ll go… he’ll go! 🙂


    • Well Christmas is not that far away. Be sure to leave a copy where Country Man can’t miss it. Then be totally surprised on Christmas morning at his thoughtful gift. And crying as you thank him for his thoughtfulness would be a nice touch. 🙂 🙂


  9. “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.”
    THAT was considered good marketing? Wow. Just wow.


  10. I LOVE the Christmas ad where it tells you to circle what you want!


    • Very subtle. So maybe men were not as bright as we were led to believe. You had to show them exactly what you wanted as a gift. Has anything changed?


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  13. Oh my….thank goodness ideas about women’s roles etc have changed…It’s hard to believe that I grew up in the 50’s and didn’t realize there was such a climate…wow!


  14. Blow in her face she will follow you anywhere was my favorite. Remember the movies where a fellow lighting a girl’s cigarette was deemed ultra sexy? These ads are simply priceless and hilarious. Kids today think the ads they see are gospel. Wonder if they will be laughing later too.


    • Well I was a teenager in the 50s and all those ads about cigarettes and how very sexy and attractive they made smokers were just accepted by us. How times have changed.


  15. I remember those movies and those very sexy moves. But hey, I was young and impressionable!


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