And It’s Raining


My rainbow - looking forward to spring

Rainbows apologize for angry skies.
Sylvia Voirol

I don’t know who Sylvia Voirol is but I like the sentiment expressed.

I am finding it difficult to write this post as Lotte is sitting on my lap having inspected the desk and all that’s on it then deciding my lap was the better place to be.

Lotte on desk

Another helping hand

Today the awful weather has continued.  Snow only in the high country and in the South Island but rain, rain and more rain and now we have thunder.  No wonder Lotte is scared and needs to sit with me.  But there is nothing we can do about a rainy day.  My response has always been “Now I don’t have to water the garden” but after this spell of such bad weather even my “Pollyanna” like behaviour is waning.

Several things on my mind today that I should like to share.

  • Obviously my post about homelessness struck a chord with many of you.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I am aware of course that this is a problem world-wide and one to which there seems to be no immediate solution.  But one wonders if some of the money being spent on the military were to be redirected here, could it make a difference?

Goods for Mary Potter

  • I had thought that when I moved house last year I had downsized to the extent that I now had nothing superfluous in my life.  What a surprise when I decided to get rid of two bookcases and their books.  This of course, led to more searching and the result of that was this pile of things to be picked up tomorrow for sale in the Mary Potter Hospice shop.  Why do we clutter our lives up in this way?
  • And talking about Mary Potter Hospice I received this blogpost today from an acquaintance, Blair Styrer.  Blair channels Tabaash and whether or not you believe in channeling I encourage you to read Blair’s post.
Bird painting

This one is mine.

  • Still on the Hospice – a couple of weeks ago I had Jae my youngest grandson helping while I served lunches there.  He had a broken ankle and was on holiday from school but his brother was not, so he  decided to spend the day with Granma. What a joy and delight that small (12-year-old) boy is.  He charmed everybody with whom he came into contact.  In particular one lady who was going home that day and gave him one of her paintings.  He was thrilled and she also gave him one for his Granma.  After leaving the hospice we hot footed it to a local store (Briscoe’s) to buy a frame for his painting.  He proudly presented it to his mother to hang in her office.  Again, I am amazed at the generosity of people in the last stages of their lives.

Lotte has been looking longingly outside as she has not had a walk for two days.  Every time I have opened the door she has taken one look outside and turned around back into the house.  On Monday, the day of the heavy snow, I bought her a waterproof, lined jacket to keep her warm and dry on her walks.  On the way home from the shop I stopped the car intending to take her for a short, quick walk.  She had other ideas.  I got her out of the car and she planted her four little feet firmly on the ground and refused to move.  Then she turned around and leapt back into the car.  Who’s in charge here I hear you asking.


Please may I go out?

Lotte at window

Or maybe out here?

So as soon as the rain lets up a bit we shall venture forth into the weather.  This of course is one of the joys of being owned by a Tibetan Spaniel.  We dance to her beat and her program.

If you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance.
From “I Hope You Dance” as sung by
Leanne Womack.


21 responses to “And It’s Raining

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve just read your last few posts – what an eclectic mixture of topics sparks your writing! I’m sorry you’re having too much rain, we’ve had a succession of dradful winters and rainy summers here in the normally equable North of France. The best part of the year was the early Spring – 6 weeks of drought and a heatwave, so all seems to be topsy turvy everywhere. And not just climatically!


    • And thank you for visiting mine. I seem to be using my blog as a diary recording what interests me, what I am doing and what sparks my anger such as homelessness.
      The snow has now moved on but the rain is hanging around. Guess we will just have to weather this stormy weather now.
      Love your blog and wonder what took you to the North of France.
      I have subscribed so will be able to follow you. 🙂


  2. In Miami they found $700 million for a baseball stadium but could find nothing for homeless program.


  3. Very dramatic rainbow picture. Loved your ramblings today, little pieces of your life. Thank you for sharing.


    • As you probably have guessed my photography is of the point and shoot variety. Not much subtlety but occasionally I hit the jackpot and I just love my rainbow.
      Thanks for the comment. sometimes when I go off on a ramble I wonder ater if it is of interest to anyone else.


  4. Such a cute doggie you have! Hearing about your rain and snow cools me off a bit as we are under drought conditions and above 100 temps. in my area.


    • Please, please send some of your heat to us. But I guess in a few months we will be complaining about the heat although we NEVER reach 100 degrees here.


  5. Based in your response to Coming East, I understand you took the picture of the rainbow. Lovely, Judith! Very lovely. Do you have it in a frame?

    What kind of dog is Lotte? Sweet little thing.

    I used to join my Mom and Mother-in-law when they helped with the soup kitchen once a month. I loved doing that with them. I am glad your grandson joined you.


    • Thanks for the comment Lenore. I took the picture ages ago and will get if framed ‘when I get a round toit” as we say.
      Jae enjoyed his visit to the hospice and of course, I have had many questions on what goes on there from him. He is a delight.
      And Lotte is a Tibetan Spaniel Little but strong willed. We did manage a walk yesterday but got caught in a hailstorm. Very unpleasant for both of us.:)


  6. I think many of us let our furry family members have their way. My catkid is more spoiled than 3 day old fish— she doesn’t stink but sometimes her behavior does.


  7. Lotte is such a cute assistant. And I thought only cats got their paws on the keyboard! Great picture of the rainbow, and I like the art you were given, too. I always enjoy your posts. It’s like sitting with a friend and chatting the day away.


    • Thank you Patti for your final comment. I really appreciate it. II would love to sit with you in real life and enjoy a cup of coffee and just pass the time away.
      The carriers from the hospice have picked up the things for the shop. they said between 11 and 12 and they arrived at 11.05am. Great.
      Lotte is now under my feet trying to get me to stop what I am doing.
      Take care and keep warm (or cool) depending on where you are.


  8. I agree that the money spent on war efforts should be redirected to the needs of people at home. I overheard a man mention yesterday that benefits to his son were cut and he was paying over $100 out of pocket for meds. He wasn’t a wealthy man and it made me sad… Yet billions are spent on missiles and such. Protecting our nation is one thing, arming it to the teeth while people can’t eat is unconscionable…


    • Elizabeth, Homelessness is rife here as it is elsewhere and there seems to be no way to solve the problem. Yes, we do need to protect our country and its people but protecting surely also includes making sure the people are well looked after, fed and sheltered. Thanks for the comment.


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