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Ten Mindset Perspectives

“Now is the time to start living the life you’ve always wanted.”  Judith Baxter


Today is the first day of the rest of your life

When tidying my computer, and it was long overdue, I came across this page that was a handout I gave to those attending one of my Self Confidence courses.  See if it rings any bells with you.

  1. What we think is Always anchored by a belief, value or life experience that causes you to think as you do.
  2. We all view life through a ‘lens’ and that lens is a reflection of our beliefs, values and life experiences, including old wounds.
  3. How we view our possibilities is based on our beliefs.  These beliefs can be challenged and changed and challenged and we have the right to do so.
  4. When words like ‘can’t’, ‘have to’, ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ are used there is a strong belief being expressed.
  5. Most of our beliefs were formed when we were children and often reflect the beliefs of adults in our lives.  Therefore, a good question to ask yourself about one of your beliefs is “Does this serve me and help me create the life I want?” and “Is this belief truth or merely someone’s opinion”.
  6. You do have the right to your own beliefs.
  7. Confusion, worry, anxiety, anger and frustration are often signs your inner wisdom is being blocked from coming through.
  8. Freedom comes as a result of stepping into your fears as opposed to stepping away from them.
  9. Let more than your mindset run your life.  Your inner wisdom knows what to do – listen to it.
  10. The way to readjusting your mindset is to become conscious of these beliefs and values.  the way to change them is to step into the unknown and dissect your beliefs.

I am now taking off my Life Coach hat and will return to the normal rambling posts on memories, nostalgia, family etc tomorrow.

Chinese character for Contentment


“Becoming more and more aware of all that is possible moves your whole life into greater balance.” Author unknown.