Today really is the first day of the rest of your life

“Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sure is what is right here right now. Don’t miss it.”
– Leo Buscaglia, 1924 – 1998, author, speaker, professor.

A few years ago, I had this fabulous Life Coach, Cari Vollmer.  Cari lives in Minneapolis and we still occasionally share emails.  Often one or other of us is bemoaning the weather we  currently have to endure.  And I am subscribed to her newsletter –

This comes from a recent newsletter :

“Judith, share yourself, your life and your gifts. Get out there. Create an environment (environment = anything you surround yourself with including people, places and things) that SUPPORTS your dream. Stop doing the things that don’t and start doing the things that do.”

Isn’t this great advice?  And isn’t it something we should all do?

So starting today I am surrounding myself with only those things that support my dream.

  • I am breaking free of the tribe as per Anne Hartley author of “Love the Life You Live”.   I have the luxury of choosing with whom I want to spend time and I am no longer prepared to tolerate “toxic” people.
  • I am spending time with people I enjoy and whose ethics and morals align with mine.
  • I am surrounding myself with things of beauty that I love including Lotte the Tibetan Spaniel and of course, my grandsons.
  • I have now got rid of the ugly grass patch at the front of the house and replaced it with a patio.  Watch this space.  This will become a tranquil place in which to unwind.
  • I have de-cluttered my life and given away many things that no longer fit my lifestyle.
  • I am volunteering my time rather than just giving money.  This is really a ‘feel good’ thing.
  • I am spending more time writing and even less time on chores.  If you know me you are quite correct in asking the question “Can you spend any less time on chores?”

So what will you do to support your dream, starting today?

“Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common; you have to take them when they appear.  Today, if you want to grab a big one you’ll be required to take a deep breath and elbow your way into the middle of things.  This may not be your usual style but isn’t this what you have been waiting for?”  Judith Baxter, Blogger, friend, life coach 1938 – 

Bottle of Champagne

17 responses to “Today really is the first day of the rest of your life

  1. All those suggestions were very good and I plan to adopt them myself. The biggest one for me will be de-cluttering my life. I am a pack rat. But I will try.


  2. I love your list!! I’m on it! Inspiring and goals I will also achieve. or at least aim for!


  3. Decluttering or reducing portfolio is the start of a whole new life making room for delightful positive pursuits that are for and about others.


  4. I believe in getting the clutter out of my life, whether it be physical or emotional. It’s nice to have minimal surroundings with a few things that I really enjoy looking at rather than a bunch of stuff that I don’t. I also agree with Leo, when he says “it’s right here, right now.” Go Judith!


  5. winsomebella

    I love your approach to life and the fact that you share it with us!


  6. ordinarygoodness

    Crisp start to a lovely day here today Judith. I have time with my 2 year old grandson today so that means plenty of fun and laughter. I’ll be too tired to do any chores after that….:-)
    The forecast wet weekend may see me hit the decluttering again too!
    Enjoy your day Judith.


  7. Hi Lynley and thanks for the comment. Enjoy this crisp and lovely Friday. I understand the weather is all downhill for the weekend.


  8. The quotes are very timely messages for me. Thanks for sharing those. When you said you were spending less time on chores, I figured you for a neat freak, but you sound more like me. 🙂 Here’s to decluttering!


    • No not a neat freak at all. Although my grandson did say the other day that my house is so tidy. Mind you he lives in a house with two teenage boys, football boots, balls, bags and shoes everywhere.
      Thanks for commenting and thanks for the click.


  9. Decluttering my mind, is what I am working on-boy! one can gather so many thoughts ! I honestly feel we get out of life, what we put into it. That’s the value in decluttering our mind, to make room for all the good thoughts that stored away in all the clutter. ! 🙂


  10. I love this, Judith…great advice!



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