Progress? I wonder..

The other day my blogging friend Linda posted about her new, beautiful deck.  See how amazing it is here.  When asked “Can you please send your contractor here to do my front deck?” she responded, “Yes, Judith, for the price of airfare for him and his trusty and loving assistant, plus materials, he will be there whenever you like!”

Well, I did the sums and decided that the airfare for two from the USA plus (obviously) accommodation, materials etc would make my front deck aka patio, far too expensive.  And who knows, Linda and Rick may not even travel coach!!

So it was back to my original plan.  The contractors arrived this morning but as it poured with rain very shortly after they arrived, this is what my front patio looks like at present.

Ready or not

Ready for the paving

Ready for the paving?

Here in New Zealand, few contractors appear to work on Saturday and so I am faced with this lovely view from the living room for the weekend.

As you can see, weeding has been put off while awaiting the contractors but if it doesn’t rain over the weekend I will get into the weeding.  I am no gardener so of course, I shall be looking for excuses – see my earlier blog on this.

Lotte will have a great time in the quagmire – it has been pouring with rain for four hours now.  And can you imagine that long, silky fur once she realizes how much fun it is to roll in the mud?

“Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
So follow me follow, down to the hollow
And there let me wallow in glorious mud

from The Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swan.

Anyway, take a look at Linda’s front deck – mine won’t look like that even when it is finished, but my patio will look a heck of a lot better than it does now.

Lotte has had a short walk in the rain and is ensconced in front of the fire, with her friends around her.  I don’t think I shall be hearing much from her until dinner time.

Lotte at the fire














And for no reason other than I think this child is cute with my dog, I am showing you Caleb with Lotte.  Caleb is almost three and the grandson of a close friend.  As you can see he just loves Lotte.

Caleb shares with Lotte

Caleb with Lotte

Wake up and play with me















11 responses to “Progress? I wonder..

  1. Caleb is the name of my oldest grandson 7 yr. Both Caleb and Lotte are beautiful and seem to enjoy each other!


    • Caleb was a little shy of Lotte when he first saw her. However, his grandmother tells me that when he woke up this morning the first words to her were ‘Where are Judith and Lotte?” So I guess my little darling has won another heart.
      Caleb is a name that is becoming more popular in NZ. It wasn’t a name we heard very often until recently.


  2. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product!


  3. Yes, that is progress, I’m afraid. Sometimes it gets really ugly before the beauty. Maybe then we appreciate it more. I was going to say we could use some of that rain over here, but we just had a t-storm, and it dropped the temp a bit, to 81F/27C.


  4. Jackie Paulson Author

    Caleb and Lotte are so cute, a good distraction. I hope you enjoy your weekend, relax too. 🙂


    • Well it has been raining today and although I had the best of intentions, even bought plants for the garden, they are still in boxes that came in from the nursery. Thanks for the comment.


  5. I hope your patio is finished soon…our back yard still has a big hole in it!

    I’m distantly related to Henry Ward Beecher on my mom’s side…



    • I think the hole in your backyard is bigger than my patio. But it’s getting there.

      I have no such claim to fame. I don’t think anybody in our family ever did anything noteworthy enough to become famous.

      Enjoy your new contract. Perhaps it will morph into a permanent position. fingers crossed.



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