I Just Love Quotations

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.  Marlene Dietrich 1901 – 1992. German actress and singer.

If you have read any of my posts you will know the truth in the comment – I just love quotations.  One can always find just the right thing to say that has already been said so well by somebody else.

I have always carried a notebook with me to write down things I think of and hear during the course of the day.  And the quest for quotations has filled many happy hours and many books.  From these little notebooks, I have a wide range of quotations to use in my blogs and occasionally in the course of conversation.

A well-chosen and well-placed quote in conversation often fools the listener into thinking that I am a well read, highly intelligent person.  You can fool some of the people all of the time….

Dad and me

A girl with her Dad

One of my particular favourite quotes is from Somerset Maugham and was first quoted to me by my father when I was very young.

The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.  ~Somerset Maugham

I understand it and take it on board but it makes no difference to my love of quotations, my collecting of them and use of them.

Now of course, there is the internet so that if my collection doesn’t hold a particularly apt quote I can instantly rectify that.  But for me, the internet will never take the place of my collections of books holding poetry, verse and quotations that I can use as often and as regularly I wish.

So Father dear, wherever you are now that I can no longer speak to you, thank you for pointing out the Somerset Maugham quote.  My question is if he quoted on quotations then do we still call his a quote and in the context of this quote can we assume that he is short of wit?

And I like this one –

If you’re being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade.  ~Author Unknown















17 responses to “I Just Love Quotations

  1. Quotations add so much to one’s speech. Other’s have usually said something so eloquently previously, so why not use their words in conversation.


  2. InsideJourneys

    LOL, love that last one!
    You’re right: they do make the user sound well read. And they usually are. Even if they get their quotes from the Internet.
    This post is also a testament to the influence of parents.


  3. InsideJourneys

    Isn’t just wonderful to be able to look back and acknowledge the connection?


  4. Quotations are great ! They seem to pour out the exact words we are trying to write about- and they always say it well with only a few short words. 🙂


  5. Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Ben Franklin


  6. Wonderful post. 🙂

    I’m a quote collector too. I have several journals filled with nothing but quotes. I did a blog post on this on my other blog — the one most people aren’t familiar with these days, but it was my first one:


    I love that last quote. Since I’m not Somerset Maugham, I figure I need a “serviceable substitute for wit” every now and then. Or at least some help with it since I communicate with photographs most of the time. 🙂


    • Robin thank you. I was delighted to get your comment as I have never met anybody else who has so many books on quotations. My children tell their friends I am a fount of knowledge and then call me when they need a quote. Obviously you can tell I looked at your other blog and drooled at all the jars of relish you had put up.
      By the way your penmanship is so much better than mine.


  7. I like quotes, too. You must have a treasury of wonderful things written in your books!


  8. Hi Patti. Yes I do have several books, some of them old and tatty but I wouldn’t let them go – guess my children might when I am no longer here.


  9. winsomebella

    “Wish I said that” is a common quote of mine. Always a joy to read your blog!


  10. I’m a quote junkie too, Judith…I post one on my Facebook status every morning, as well as one on our bookstore fan page. I rarely remember them enough to use them in everyday conversation though (I can’t tell jokes either!).



  11. dianne - life as i see it

    i love quotes also, you have a wonderful blog.. ;o)


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