Motherlove, Monsters, Mayhem and Maybe Murder

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”
— Agatha Christie, DBE, 1890 – 1976), British crime writer of novels, short stories, and plays. 

I discovered Martie Hevia and her blog a couple of weeks and I look forward to reading it each day.  It is a gentle blog filled with fun, memories and of course,  Martie’s voice singing her songs.

A couple of days ago the tone of her blog changed and she wrote about Caylee Marie Anthony, the toddler who disappeared and whose Mother didn’t report her missing for thirty-one days.  What kind of Mother-love is demonstrated here?

The Mother has apparently made all kinds of claims to the Police, all of which appear to be lies and now she is claiming that the child drowned in the grandparents’ swimming pool.

Whether this Mother murdered her child will come out in the days ahead.  But her callousness towards that lovely little girl cannot be ignored.

Maslow's Hierarchy

We know that Mazlow determined that the basic needs of any human being included physiological, safety, belonging and love,  and esteem.  Which of these were given to this little child?  A child needs to be loved and cared for.  To know that she is important to her parents and family, to be warm and safe.  Apparently none of these things applied to this little girl.

We can’t get the live CNN feed here but Martie gives it on her blog.

We know that one is innocent until proven guilty but all the signs are there that this Mother is implicated in some way with her baby’s disappearance and death.

I shall leave it there for the jury to decide after they sit through what will  obviously, be a harrowing experience.

And for Caylee –

Teddy bear

RIP Littlre One


24 responses to “Motherlove, Monsters, Mayhem and Maybe Murder

  1. Poor Caylee. 😦 The story is on the news here pretty much all the time now, with the trial starting.


    • I am speechless about this lack of care on the part of the mother. I remember when my son was missing (hiding under a tree) for about an hour and I was frantic.
      As you say, poor Caylee.


      • I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of crazy a mother would have to be to injure, much less murder, their own child. It’s such a horrible thing that it is beyond my comprehension.


  2. Thanks, Judith, that was very kind of you to say about my blog, I appreciate it. As for Caylee, let’s hope the truth reveals itself through the course of this trial, and let us hope there is justice for her, mercy for her mother, and peace for her grandparents… in whatever form that comes. -Martie


  3. GOD! this is so sad!!!!! :((((((((((


  4. I can’t believe any mother/father could ever do the things to their children, that you hear about today-it’s scary-! and mostly for all the innocent children suffering within their reach. May God’s hand have a place in this trial ! Children are so innocent-they never ask to be born- if parents no longer want to care for them-PLEASE !! take them to someone who will love them and give them the life they deserve.


  5. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    The news of the trial has been all over the news with both sides saying who they think did what…..but it seems to be forgotten that a poor little girl is no longer here. That whole case is so sad.


  6. This sort of thing just never makes sense..


  7. this leaves me sad and makes me angry and I just want to scream WHY, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS ON THIS EARTH WHY


  8. So very sad…this is terrible to say but I hope there is something wrong with that mother’s mental state that can be diagonsed because no normal, sane mother would do the things she did…or rather, didn’t do. Like run for help immediately.


  9. A very sad story, for all concerned.


  10. To take another’s life is incomprehensible… to take the life of an innocent child, there are no words. If the mother was over her head, somebody would have taken the child into their home. It is in no way my place to judge this situation, thank goodness, but my heart goes out to the remaining people who truly cherished and loved that little girl.


  11. How horrible! I have yet to experience being a mother but I yearn to be one someday so badly and I could never imagine killing a child…..much less your own! 😦


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