While Walking the Dog

It’s quite amazing the different things I see when walking around the suburb with Lotte, the Tibetan Spaniel.

Smiling boy

Photo - Pavel Lovesky

For instance today I saw a little boy, maybe 5 years old, giving his baby sister a lick of his ice-cream because she had dropped hers.

I didn’t hear any coaxing from the mother for him to do this but I heard her giving him lots of praise.  What a lovely thing for this child to do.

I walked further along and saw this elderly couple (older than me?) walking along holding hands.  I was somewhat envious that they are spending their final years together in harmony.  Well it looked like love and harmony to me.

Then I turned a corner and beheld an amazing sight.  Spray painted onto the pavement/sidewalk was the following:

“I could write you a letter or sing you a song or I could just tell you that I think of you all the time, you are the air that I breathe and I love you.  I would have said yes if you had asked me.”

I now wonder who wrote those words and what the outcome was.  Is there some desolate soul pining for his lost love, or is she pining for the lost opportunity.  I wonder whether we will see the next episode written on the pavement in the next week or so.  I do hope so and I hope it turns out well for them both whoever they are.

And this reminded me of something I saw a couple of days ago when walking on the beach – Will you marry me?

How very romantic and I do hope he or she said yes please and they went off together to celebrate.

Yes, I am a romantic at heart.

And what else did I see today?  Children playing on the swings and slides at the local park and lots of budding ballerinas coming from dancing class dressed in pink tutus.  They all looked frozen as their mothers hurried them off to the waiting cars.

Dancing class

Dancing class

And this reminded me of the card my elder sister sent me for my birthday.  She remembered us as ballerinas when we were very small.  She gave up quite early but I kept going until I was too tall to be a ballerina any more.

She thought that this card was very appropriate and I agree.  Well done elder sister for finding it.

I saw two dogs fighting and their owners/handlers trying really hard to get them apart.  It was a little frightening as one of the handlers was a youngish boy.  But they managed to separate them and each go on his way.

I saw a girl delivering flyers into letter boxes.  More junk mail.

I saw a neighbor with her two young children bringing them home from kindergarten.  I always have to stop and speak to the elder of the two girls (she is almost 3) because as she told her mother and father today ‘We are friends”.  She often waves to me from behind the blind in her bedroom when she is put down for a nap or to go to sleep at night.

I saw my next door neighbor walking his dog.  A very young, strong Labrador who needs a lot of walking.

I saw a group of pensioners from a rest home going to the movies.  The van was parked at the door and they all disembarked laughing and thoroughly enjoying the outing.

I really love this suburb in which I now live.  It is like a village but only 10 minutes by car or bus to the center of town.

Wellington city bus

As a senior I can travel on the bus for free during the off-peak hours and so I take advantage of this and leave my car at home when I go to town.

So this is one perk for being older.

And today’s quote is on age or as Shirley MacLaine has it “Sage-ing While Age-ing”

The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of life.  “Why,” I answered without a thought, “now.”  ~David Grayson, 1870 – 1946  American journalist and author.


19 responses to “While Walking the Dog

  1. There is so much to see if we but look around us. Your blog captures this very well.


  2. I enjoyed this post! It makes me think that I might see things a little differently if I wasn’t rushing around getting my things done.
    Thank you!


  3. Thanks for sharing your daily walk with us, Judith! Seeing old people holding hands is one of my favourite things…



  4. InsideJourneys

    I’ve always wondered how people end up in trouble when there’s so much to see and so much beauty around us to enjoy. We really have to be open and observe.
    I love the love stories too. Two different elderly couples caught my eye: on the subway, I noticed one probably returning home from dinner. They sat quietly together in the subway car, he with a hand resting gently on her knee. It just warmed my heart.
    In the movie line, the second bought tickets for the movie Thor. I was with my niece and we both laughed. We both thought they were going to see the romantic comedy that was playing.
    Thanks for this post,


    • It’s great what we see when we take the time to look. I always make up stories for people I see in restaurants or (now) on the bus. I wonder what is really going on in their minds/their lives.


  5. I loved the quote on the sidewalk… my mind wandered off filling in the back story. What could be more classically Victorian romantic than love unrequited or love lost? The expression moved from paper to sidewalk, from letter to graffiti, for modern times… but the human love story never changes… it transcends time.
    Thanks for sharing that, Judith.


    • Hi Martie – I filled in the back story too. It’s what I do. I have high hopes that it will come out well. And I hope that no interfering busybody calls the local council to have it removed.


  6. What a lovely walk. 🙂


  7. Lovely post, Judith. Thank you. 🙂


    • Thanks Val. I am ever more aware of the things that we don’t notice. So this is my new resolution – keep my eyes and ears open and my mouth shut.


  8. Hi, Judith the writing on the pavement and the sand were both romantic. I wished they ended up together. I always admire couples walking together hand in hand. I hope I would be the same when I reach that age. Thank you for the comment . I’m glad you like the post.


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