Stormy Weather

Storm clouds

This was what greeted me this morning.  Overnight and still continuing this morning, Wellington is being hammered by heavy rain and high winds causing flooding in some areas.  We are told by the media that more than 21mm of rain has fallen in the hour to 7am in Wellington and the wild conditions are expected to continue for much of the day.  Police are warning that there is widespread surface flooding in may low-lying areas in the city.

Rarely do we have thunder and lightning in our city but today we had it albeit very briefly.  Lotte opened one eye at the noise of the thunder and quickly closed it again.  When she did get up she took one look outside the door and rushed back inside. She obviously has no intention of going out in that weather.

Lotte in retreat

Lotte in retreat

So today I have to go out to assist at a couple of Open Homes but I don’t really expect there to be a great interest in looking at apartments today.  We will stay for the time shown and then retreat to a favorite cafe for a well deserved latte.


And when I get back home, I will put on the fire, pour a cup of tea, pick up my book  and listen to Billie Holiday singing Stormy Weather.  I think this is the best rendition of the song.

Judith Baxter, Platinum Author Registered & Protected


17 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. When I saw the title of your blog that is the song I thought of. Stay Dry!


  2. Marianne London

    Oh how awful to be getting that weather. We have been having quite a lot of warm weather in London quite unusual for this time of year.I love the song “Stormy Weather” and only Billie Holliday can sing it.


    • Well it magically changed to sunshine for several hours, then back to rain and today we have clear blue skies. Who knows what’s happening to our weather.


  3. It’s yucky outside here in Southern California, as well.

    It looks like it’s going to rain and my son’s baseball game was cold.
    We’re taking it easy today, baked some cookie and some bread…rewarmed the coffee and spiked it with a little something and I’m commenting on blog posts, doing a puzzle and my husband/son are playing Indian Jones Lego video game, while my daughter watches a movie.

    Lazy days are needed.
    I’m raising my coffee mug to your tea cup- CHEERS!
    Lake Forest, California USA


  4. It’s been raining for days here too, Judith…luckily, it stopped long enough for our landlord to plow up our garden spot this morning…



    • Wish I had a landlord to do things like that for me. I have just been out mowing my tiny front lawn. That is getting ready to be taken over by tiles.


  5. We seemed to have fared a little better out here in Whitby Judith. We certainly have had some big downpours but the promised gale force winds have not eventuated and we have only had a couple of big rumbles of thunder.

    My two cats have not been keen to leave the house rather like Lotte!
    And the very best news is that the tree man was able to come and do the work in our garden. He did a wonderful job and I will warmly recommend him to others.
    Enjoy the warmth and comfort later today:-)


  6. Judith
    Emjoyed reading, its a beautiful day here today. Yesterday rain and storms all day and a few storms. On rainy days, its best to do what we enjoy most-as you put on the fire, poured a cup of tea, picked up your book and listened to Billie Holiday singing Stormy Weather. Excellent !! 🙂


  7. InsideJourneys

    It’s been overcast and/or raining here in the NE US since Saturday and according to the forecast, not much will change for the week. Great for plants and the lawns. Spent the day at the museum, always soothing.
    First person who came to mind for Stormy Weather? Lena Horne. Love Ella’s version as well.
    Thanks for this post, Judith,


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