One Award, One Wedding, Great Celebrations

Versatile blogger

Because of the other world-wide event (clue Will and Kate)  happening on the same day I got my award, I put off the thank you rather than find myself speaking in an empty auditorium.  Seriously though, I am touched that Chris nominated me as one of her 15.  Thank you Chris. Follow  this fascinating and thought-provoking woman at –

Chris was one of the first people to post a comment when I started blogging.  Was that only two months ago?  I feel as if I really know her so well.

Now I am called upon to tell you 7 things about myself.

What would interest you about me?

  1. I am the widow of a very special human being who was my love, my supporter and my mentor for 41 years.  How I miss that man!
  2. I have two great children, who with their spouses and their children give me love and support when most needed.
  3. I am ‘Granma’ to four good-looking, talented grandsons who are growing into fine young men – and no, I am not biased in any way.
  4. I have two sisters, one in London and one in Los Angeles.  Could we have moved further apart?  But emails are great for keeping in touch.
  5. I am English but choose to live in Wellington tagged ‘Coolest little Capital in the World’ by Lonely Planet.
  6. I love to write.  Always have notebook with me.  I unashamedly watch and listen to other people when I am around and about each day.
  7. I have been a Realtor, small business adviser, property developer, commercial property manager and am a certified Life Coach.  All these things have brought me to where I am today.

And if you are not too bored with that list, please read on.

I am also called upon to pass the award on to  15 other bloggers.  And after much soul-searching and thought, the nominees are

Cat with pencil

Photo – Roman Dekan


36 responses to “One Award, One Wedding, Great Celebrations

  1. Hi! I found you thrugh Chris @ bridges burning. Love your blog and I have subscribed!


  2. Hi Judith!
    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog earlier. It was so nice meeting you!
    “Was that only two months ago? I feel as if I really know her so well.”
    Isn’t blogging such a wonderful way to meet some really great people? I some times feel as though I know the people who I blog with better than some of the people I know offline.
    Reading your list of 7 things, I’d say you have a rich and full life, filled with love. How wonderful! I’ve heard of Life Coaching before, but don’t know that much about it.
    Really enjoyed the video you shared! I bet you have some awesome memories of that time.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Thanks Stephanie. I have visited your blog and don’t envy you the snow. I would have preferred the sun and warmth of Florida.
    Have a great weekend.


  4. You need to be careful about giving Carl to much credit. His ego is big enough on us !!!


  5. Oh well I don’t know him as well as you do Ron. But I will watch what I say and do.


  6. Well how confused am I. I replied to Duke’s comment and addressed him as Ron. Apologies to you both.
    And Ron I love this blogging world and do feel that I have made real friends through it. Some blogs I haven’t liked at all and wont go back but hey, that’s what happens IRL too isn’t it.
    Thanks for coming by. Call in again and sit and chat for a while.


  7. Nice knowing more about you. Congratulations on your award! Enjoy it 🙂


  8. Thanks for the award, Judith. I don’t usually accept them though I’ve got a few, but I’ll see what I can do. If you look at the Pages tabs at the top of my blog’s home page and hover your cursor over ‘AWARDS’ you’ll see some pages about them. Mostly it’s the ‘rules’ of them that bug me, also having to choose some people over others – it always feels to me that everyone one doesn’t choose are missing out, and the energy one needs to put into doing them. But anyway, I’ll see if I can come up with something, and I am appreciative! Also – it’s good to see some other blogs I didn’t know about . I already know about Carl, Chris, Eva and Robin’s blogs – they’re great. 🙂

    By the way, your commenter above, just left out the ‘wordpress’ bit of her URL, so here’s her blog:


  9. Congratulations on your award my sweet bloggy friend. Big hugs and wishes for a lovely weekend!


  10. Thank you! That was a sweet thing to do. You have made my day.



  11. Thank you, Judith! I loved the bit you shared on how you and your husband met and married. It reminds me of The Notebook, in a way. You are an encourager, and I thank you for sharing your story and blog with us all.


  12. Lynnmaima – Thanks to Val I have now been able to read your latest post. How clever all you people are who write poety.


  13. Thank Val, thanks Judith for your visit 🙂


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  15. PS. Unless you hate them, you need to enable trackbacks and pingbacks for this post, so that you can see when someone links to you. Like I just have!


  16. Thanks but how? You see I am really not very adept at this blogging.


    • Here’s an explanation of four options, only one of which relates to trackbacks and pingbacks, but I’ll explain all four as you might want to use the others.

      In the text editor (below where you type the text for your post) there are several options you can check or uncheck. Amongst those are the following:
      Likes and Shares
      Show likes on this post.
      Show sharing buttons on this post.

      Check the ‘show likes’ option to show the like button above the comments, if you want to allow people to like your posts (only bloggers can use this button).

      Check the ‘sharing buttons’ option if you want to allow people to share your posts with others – you have to first enable what services you want to use for this, via your dashboard, by clicking and dragging your chosen services into an area specially for it then enabling the buttons. (I don’t use this at all in any of my blogs, but it is checked by default so I always have to remember to uncheck it! Also, if you ever use ‘quick edit’ via your dashboard, to edit posts, you should know that it reverts back to the default and there’s no way to uncheck it via ‘quick edit’, so if you want it unchecked – always edit via the full edit option)

      Allow comments
      Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

      Check the ‘Allow comments’ to enable people to comment on your post.

      Check the ‘allow trackbacks and pingbacks’ to activate these. As far as I know they are automatic on blogs, but not on blogs hosted elsewhere, like (for self-hosted blogs, which ours aren’t), or blogger which hosts blogspot, etc.

      There is also an overall setting on your dashboard for these things that you can set for all of them, so for intance if you know you will always want to ping other blogs on all of your posts, you can set it here. I personally prefer not to have things set globally but instead do it on a post by post basis.

      The sharing button is – (to the annoyance of many users) opt out rather than opt in, so you always have to uncheck it if you don’t want it.

      Hope that helps.


    • PS. what I meant by ” they are automatic on blogs, but not on blogs hosted elsewhere, like (for self-hosted blogs, which ours aren’t), or blogger which hosts blogspot, etc.” is that if blogs other than the type we use will NOT be notified automatically unless you check (put tick in) the pingback and trackback box.


      • Thanks again Val. How come you are so knowledgeable about blogs.
        By the way I intend to read some of your lonely earlier posts tomorrow. Today has gone – it’s about midnight and time for sleep.


  17. I’ve been blogging since 2004, Judith, and come September I’ll have been blogging on for two years – I learn fast!


  18. Congratulations on your award! It is well deserved. 🙂

    Thank you so much. I am honored that you enjoy my blog and photos enough to nominate me. 🙂


  19. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.


  20. Only blogging for two months and already an award? Amazing! And richly deserved. Very thoughtful posts. Your willingness to share yourself with others in such a clear, heartfelt way, makes you seem like a friend, even though we have never met. And thank you for nominating me. I feel honored. By the way, Judith, my name is Susan.


  21. Susan thanks for the comment. I am sure we would be friends if we met.


  22. Judith
    I really liked reading this post, and learning a little more about you. You sound like an amazing woman, I am glad to have met you, and look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for nominating me for the Versitle Blogger Award, its always inspiring when others find your writing interesting. I will be checking out your links for finding other blogging sites to visit. It is fun meeeting so manybloggers with different styles, and seeing their creativity. Thank You,
    From: Penny at Lifes A Beach Journal.


  23. In such a very short time I have met some amazing bloggers. Thanks for stopping by – the award given to you is well deserved.


  24. Oh my goodness! Thank you for including me on this list! I’m sorry I’m only getting to respond to this. I fell incredibly behind on my commenting and following of blogs with the whole A-Z, mother’s day, and trying to revamp my site!

    I’ll look this over, and try to get to it soon! I’m so back-logged after that A-Z challenge! 🙂



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  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    🙂 Lovely


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