My Favourite Women Heroes

Yesterday was a pretty frustrating day for many of us.  We were unable to publish or even draft new posts.  So I went out to meet my grandson from school and here I am writing two blogs today.

I was recently reading some other blogs and I came across one dealing with vacuous, vapid, pathetic, whining  ‘heroines’  and why the author didn’t like them.   So in keeping with my ‘We Don’t Do Negative’ attitude  I thought we could turn it around and get a discussion going on real women heroes  in fiction.

So I hereby call for nominations for the best, pluckiest, most real female protagonists in fiction.  To start the ball rolling – my nominees are:

  • Jo Marsh from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  Growing up I thought she was the bravest and cleverest girl ever.
  • Then of course, there was Nancy Drew a fictional young amateur detective in various mystery series for all ages.  Created by Edward Stratemeyer.  My friends and I loved this heroine.
  • Moving on to today  –  I love Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire, star of 17 books by Janet Evanovich.  Stephanie tries hard but between her job, her Uncle Vinnie and the two men in her life, the dark and mysterious Ranger and the tricky cop Jo Morelli, she has a hard time.  Added to that is her family, father, mother and Grandma Mazur – 70+ going on 18 – What else is to say?
  • Amelia Sachs, Lincoln Rhymes partner and love interest in the series by Jeffery Deaver.
  • Kathryn Dance an agent with the California Bureau of Investigation and the state’s foremost kinesics — body language — expert.  Another  series by Jeffery Deaver.
  • Jane Tennison is a skilled, top-class detective, battling to prove herself in a male world.  Created by Lynda La Plante .  Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren playing DI Jane Tennison, aired for several seasons on ITV in the UK.
  • Cyndy Decker, daughter of  NYPD lieutenant Peter Decker .  Created by Faye Kellerman.

Well you get the idea.  Please let me have your nominations. There will be no winners or runners up.  I hope just a sharing of views and information and no doubt discovery of other strong female characters.

7 responses to “My Favourite Women Heroes

  1. My nominees are:
    Forest ranger Deanna Wolfe in Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver and California museum curator Benni Harper in Earlene Fowler’s Benni Harper Mystery Series.


  2. Thanks Jenny. Hope you are over your strep throat and are ready to read.


  3. I am doing well, thanks for asking.
    Did you get an answer about why the links you include in your blog are sometimes pink or blue? I think I have figured it out. The links that are blue are the links where you checked “open a new window” and the pink ones will change from your blog to the clicked on link. At least this is what I think. Do you know something different?
    I like it when links open a new window so I can click it, read it later and then finish what I started.


  4. Thanks for answering my question about the blue and pink links. It makes sense. I always have links opening in a new window as then whoever is reading can come back to my page easily as you say.
    Haven’t read either of the books you mention so don’t know your heroines. I have put them on my reading list now. And this is exactly what I wanted when I penned that blog. Input from others so that I could find different books to read. And thanks for being involved. I am sure that you have your hands full with your little ones.


  5. I am not sure if you have seen my latest post on my favorite books,
    I mention Prodigal Summer as being my number one favorite. I have only listened to it on CD (2x!) and it is beautiful to listen to with bird sounds. The author reads it herself and I think her husband contributed the bird sounds, he is an ornithologist.


  6. Thanks – I read your blog and posted a reply there.


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