It’s My Birthday and I’ll ….

Birthdays are good for you

Today is my birthday. “You’re how old? ‘” I hear you say. Well, I make no excuses for having lived so long and for enjoying the ride (for the most part).

Oh, there have been bumps along the way – the death of my mother, followed shortly thereafter by my husband and then my father a few years later.  But I have been blessed with a happy marriage, two great children, their spouses and their children.

I have been privileged to see many parts of this wonderful world and in my travels have met many who have since become my real friends.  I have also lived in other parts of this world; moving from London to Glasgow with my handsome young Scotsman;

View of Glasgow

Glasgow today – courtesy Wikipedia

Then when he was transferred we had two years living on the beach in Auckland;

Takapuna Beach

The beach at Takapuna

then to Montreal.  This wasn’t so pleasant.  It was in 1969/70 when the French Separatists were very active.  The children’s school and the local mailboxes were bombed; the police went on strike one memorable day and Bob worked far too many hours each day.

Montreal today

View of Montreal today – – courtesy Wikipedia

Then back to New Zealand to the beach and eventually to Wellington, where I live very happily now.

Lambton Harbour, Wellington

The Harbor, Wellington

So today is my day.  I am sitting at the computer blogging away; reading other people’s blogs and making no attempt to tidy the house, weed the garden or the myriad of other things that need doing.

Today I am having drinks with friends early this afternoon before going off to dinner with some others.  My only regret is that many of my friends live in other parts of the country or the world and can’t join me for a celebration.  However, the phone has been ringing off the hook and emails have been coming in.  Don’t you just love the internet?  It makes keeping in touch so easy.

Some blogs I have found or been directed to :

So I will raise a glass of whatever you drink, to my old friends and to all my new friends I have found in the blogging world.

Bottle of Champagne

And to those who share my birthday, here is a gift for you.Bouquet of rosesSo until tomorrow.  Take care and remember Alice’s words

“But I don’t want to go among mad people”, said Alice.
“Oh, you can’t help that”, said the cat. “We’re all mad here.”


15 responses to “It’s My Birthday and I’ll ….

  1. A very Happy Birthday to you Judith and may this Solar return be one awesome one.
    I am going to share Alices’ words on face book as I think they are so apt and ones I use all the time.


  2. A very happy birthday to you!


  3. HAPPY Happy Birthday dear woman. Thank you for commenting on my blog and LISTING me as a blog you like. I am honored. That was a nice thing to do. I looking forward to reading about your life. Enjoy your day. I’m going to take a little bit of inspiration from you and just relax today.



  4. Marianne King

    Just to let you know I feel privileged to have you and Christine as my wonderful Sisters. I count my blessings everyday.From the sister in London UK. Happy Birthday XXXXXXXX


  5. Christine in Los Angeles

    Finally, the internet gremlins let me get in here, to wish my Middle Sister a very very happy birthday.
    God bless, Christine


  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I have been away from the internet for the weekend visiting my family. I am pleased to have found you and to learn more about you. I couldn’t agree with you more about the internet and email being wonderful! Thank you for mentioning my blog!
    Cheers! Jenny


  7. Happy Birthday Judith! I am happy that you now live somewhere where you are at home. That might be the best Birthday present ever…to be home.


  8. Happy Birthday – and many more. Enjoy your day.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog – I’ll check yours out some more after work.


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